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JVC AX-R551 amp, fuse? or toasted?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by dke3591, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. dke3591

    dke3591 Guest


    I have a JVC AX-R551 stereo amplifier, and last night, a half can of
    beer found it's way into the cabinet, mostly toward the rear left
    where the extra power outlets are, and I assume a transformer. The
    music just cut out, and I tried immediately to get as much as the
    liquid out immediately.

    I tried a hair dryer to help dry things out, and also left a fan
    blowing on the components all night with the cover off.

    The red stanby/on light still glows when in the "off" mode, but when I
    press the power button, nothing lights up or works of course, but I
    can hear what sounds like a relay toward the front left side, but
    that's it,

    I cannot find where they put the fuses, as inside with the cover off,
    there's a sticker that says to be sure to replace the fuse with the
    same type as supplied. I know usually the fuses are usually on the
    back of cabinet on most stereos, where you unscrew it, but I don't see
    anything there, and nothing inside with the top cover removed. so
    where should I look? I do not know how to repair besides changing the

    Does this model even have a fuse or is it completely toasted? Again,
    some power is getting thru to make the stanby light glow, and a relay
    click. Thanks much.
  2. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Oh dear....

    That'll just make all the sugary gunk congeal wherever it ended up..

  3. msg

    msg Guest

    I'll reply in the 'hypothetical' -- your risks are your own. If it
    were _my_ amp, I would immediately disassemble it to reveal the
    chassis, take it into a bathtub, and using a sprayer hose and head
    with the hottest water possible, spray all the disassembled components
    from every angle, sprinkle a quality liquid dishwashing detergent (good
    degreasing and wetting properties) over all surfaces, and repeat the
    high pressure hot spray until suds run clear. I would remove the amp to a
    dry, preferably sunny spot and use compressed air or the 'cool'
    setting on a hair drier to extract as much water as possible. If
    using compressed air, I would be careful to regulate its application
    to avoid detaching labels and sensitive parts. Then I would bake it
    (in the sun if you are in a summer climate or using applied hot air
    if not) for at least five hours. I would let it sit for several more
    days in a dry, well ventilated place and then I would begin to troubleshoot
    it under power.

    I routinely clean electronic equipment; one always needs to carefully
    evaluate where in a device water could collect and not be removable without
    disassembly -- membrane keyboards are a good example; they need to
    be disassembled to clean and dry the various layers or they will corrode
    or become unreliable after being wet. Be careful of power and output transformers;
    moisture can compromise insulation and they can fail under power unless fully
    dried (baked). Moisture can short mica insulators on semiconductors and with
    fine pitch smt it can be disastrous if not fully removed.

    Good luck.


    parts of the chassis
  4. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    If there are PCBs mounted on the main ( as opposed to the standby ) power
    transformer, fuses may well be located on the undersides of those boards.
    There are often 5mm holes in the PCB above such fuse locations, so that you
    can see the state of the wire in the fuse, without having to remove it, whch
    can sometimes be a very fiddly task. It has been very rare indeed to find
    any fuses on the rear panels of ordinary domestic hifi rigs for 20 years or

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