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JPEG hardware encoder

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by ggditzel, Sep 12, 2005.

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  1. ggditzel

    ggditzel Guest


    I'm looking for JPEG image processors (encoders). I found only 2,
    ADV202 from Analog Devices and PM-36 from Zoran. I would appreciate if
    anyone could point me to similar devices.

    It doesn't need to be very fast. I intend to capture one frame of NTSC
    video with Philips' SAA7111, and then do the conversion to JPEG in
    hardware, with a dedicated IC. I only need a few frames per second. The
    glue logic could be done with CPLDs.

    Or, if anyone knows some IC that can capture NTSC video and deliver
    JPEG, please tell me.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. What keeps these off the list? Or are you looking for a wider selection?
    Finding 2 sounds pretty lucky.
    If it does not have to be fast, why not just JPEG in software? You're going
    to have to have a processor _somewhere_. At a minimum, you're going to have
    to have some way to set registers in your video chip.
    A JPEG machine in HDL is probably pretty common, but I can't say for sure.
  3. Jim Leonard

    Jim Leonard Guest

    I'd go with Zoran. Quality is good, and there is (was?) decent
    programming material, both official and unofficial. Zoran-enabled JPEG
    cards were popular in the late 1990s; I owned a few and was impressed
    with the quality (and they were definitely fast enough to do 30fps NTSC
  4. Apparatus

    Apparatus Guest

  5. Markus Zingg

    Markus Zingg Guest

    I'd go with Zoran.

    While the chips will do exactly what the OP is after, the problem with
    Zoran is that you don't get their chips. The sales departement tends
    to not even answer to e-mails. They aparently want to sell exclusively
    to big major companies ordering zillions of chips.

  6. dalai lamah

    dalai lamah Guest

    Un bel giorno Markus Zingg digitò:
    Instead, you can find ADV202 from ADI almost everywhere (Digikey, for
    example). I would go with it; it also supports JPEG2000, while Zoran
  7. Jim Leonard

    Jim Leonard Guest

    I stand corrected!! :) Thanks for the updated info.
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