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Job: Melb: Australia: Junor Sales Engineer

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Joe.G, Feb 8, 2005.

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  1. Joe.G

    Joe.G Guest

    What Position?
    Junor Sales Engineer

    Who Should Apply
    Final year Engineering students ( who want a change their day job to an
    engineering profession)
    Graduates with some electronics experience and a good electronic attitude
    Experienced tech's with some engineering exp - interested in upgrading to a
    future engineering position.
    Electronics Engineers... just starting out who want to make a name for

    Melb - Eastern Suburbs.

    What is the job path
    1. Start off in Sales Engineering - Supporting Customers Technically and
    Commercially on electronic components - (Car allowance involved)
    2. After a few months move in to a full time engineering position (under
    the wing of the Senior Engineer).
    3. Provide technical (electronic) support to the sales team.

    Skills we are interested in
    # Limited micro processor programming - assembly language and or C
    Exposure to Protel and other PCB packages
    # Built and constructed electronic kits.
    # Design and construction of electronic products (varied) - Eg RF, Micro,
    Telephone, Auto, other. (including final year projects etc)
    * Excellent electronic component knowledge. - Semiconductors (micro's,
    logic, analogue, digital)
    * Basic PC skills - Word - Excel - Power Point - email etc
    Advanced PC skills - programming in Visual C or Basic or other programming
    languages - Linux or other operating systems
    PC Hardware.
    Experience with electronic test equipment - Multi meters, Oscilloscopes,
    frequency counters, radio test sets etc Spectrum Analysers etc
    * Personal Presentation
    * Professionally Managing customers
    * Good communication skills - written and verbal
    * Attitude and an ability to learn new commercial and engineering skills.

    * Mandatory
    #Highly desirable

    Will vary with experience and skills - but car allowance will apply. - to
    be discussed individually.

    Send me an email with a short note about your interest in this position and
    a little bit about your experience in electronics and were you see yourself
    in the
    Australian Electronics industry.

    ==> DON'T send resumes and CV's just yet.... Lets have a chat 1st (via
    email or phone)

    If you have questions - include your name and day time phone number or
    email address.

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