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Jensen XA2125 car audio amp, anyone have schematics or???

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jfet, May 5, 2004.

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  1. Jfet

    Jfet Guest

    Hi all,

    I have a nicely blown Jensen XA2125 car audio amplifier.

    6 FZ46N hi speed Mosfets are blown up, and some other identifiable parts (outputs are also
    gone, N-channel/P-channel TIP35/36 <>)

    Anyhow, there are two transistors that were removed by the PO that I have NO clue what
    they are (cuz they are missing!)

    Q203, and Q103. I am assuming that these are pre drivers of some sort on its way to the
    output stage. These are one from each channel, so basically, I can't find its mirror
    image because BOTH are missing.

    Anyone ever service one of these amps? I tried calling Jensen, but haven't had any luck
    obtaining schematics. I'm sure the shop that started the repair had a refused estimate,
    since 6 of those output transistors would have been quite expensive (if using NTE
    equivalents). They are reasonably inexpensive from digikey, $2.00 each Canadian vs $13.25
    each for NTE equivalent Cnd!!! ouch! x6!!!!

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Tunesgo

    Tunesgo Guest

    Did the Emailed information help? I noticed that I forgot to mention that
    Q103 is the same as Q203.
  3. sdalbert

    sdalbert Guest

    If by any chance you're still trying to repair your Jensen XA2125, I have
    one you can have. I'm tired of searching for repair information and/or
    schematics, so if I can't fix mine, I might as well let someone else put
    it to good use. Mine had water dripped onto the case, which inevitably
    condensed inside on a few transistors, which obviously screwed it up. To
    the best of my knowledge (without testing equipment), everything is ok and
    functional beyond the transistors in the corner where power, ground, and
    remote are. It played temporarily shortly after being damaged, but I've
    sense disassembled it. I have no intention to check this forum again, so
    if you (or anyone who reads this) still need it, send a noticable e-mail
    to (%[email protected]). The amp will further remain a doorstop.
  4. tinyskip

    tinyskip Guest

    Yes, I want the one you have. I will send you an email with mailin
    instructions. Thank you.

    Best Regards,
  5. tinyskip

    tinyskip Guest

    Sorry about the edit, I figured out what I did wrong.
    Thanks again,
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