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Jenn-air (Maytag) Mosel 188 oven problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Don Bowey, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    My Jenn-Air model 188 oven will not come up to temperature, although the
    display rapidly reaches the programmed temperature.

    Can anyone provide me with a schematic of the control board free or for a
    price? This could be via email, or posting it to a.b.s.e. Or if you are in
    the Portland, Or. area it can be via face-to face.

    Yes, I can trouble shoot, do board-level work, have plenty of test
    equipment, and can use it without getting bit (usually).


  2. Sounds like it 'thinks' it is reaching the correct temp.
  3. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    For now that's the way I see it, too.
  4. Do you know what the sensor is? Thermocouple?
  5. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    I don't have a real clue, which is why I hope to get a look at the schematic
    before I take the oven apart.
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