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jaycars new valve amp

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by ZACK, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. ZACK

    ZACK Guest

    what are your thoughts on the jaycars new
    valve amp for $299.

    ive picked up one of these and found
    thay are tubestate tube input and state output.

    has anyone got one?

  2. **Not anyone with half a brain. It is ridiculously over-priced, for such a
    POS. It delivers a pitiful 18 Watts/channel. It uses a couple of
    bog-standard output ICs, some 4558 line stage ICs (these date back to the
    1970s) and a couple of valves (which are operating at stupidly high filament
    Voltages) for distortion. A complete waste of time. The valves will not last
    very long, due to the high filament Voltages). In fact, Jaycar sell a quite
    decent integrated amp (P# AA-0470) for $200.00. At 100 Watts/channel, it
    offers respectable performance at a reasonable price. No valves though. Just
    decent performance at a bargain basement price.

    You would have been MUCH better spending your money on a decent, second
    hand, Japanese made amp, from Marantz, Yamaha, Rotel, NAD, et al. Those guys
    use (in the main) all discrete output stages, modern line stage ICs (at
    least 5532 class), are built to last and don't employ silly tricks (like
    sticking useless valves inside) to suck in the gullible.

    I trust that answers your question.
  3. ZACK

    ZACK Guest

    the amp i most use is a marshall 9200 2/ch 100watts p/ch
    8x5881 4x12ax7.
  4. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** For your home stereo ??


    Know the beast well.

    ...... Phil
  5. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Trevor Wilson"

    ** So what is the function of the two Russian 6P15s ??

    These are closely equivalent to the EL84 power valve which can do 6 watts
    rms single ended and 17 watts rms in P-P AB1 - and up to maybe 30 watts if
    you are game to push the anode voltage to 450V and supply the screen from
    280V )

    ...... Phil
  6. MisterE

    MisterE Guest

    Its funny how people 'swear by' vaccum tubes. Mordern devices are so
    clean that they sound 'worse' to these morons. Just introduce a bit of
    noise and things sound better. They even found this was true when they
    were asking people to tell them which mp3 bit rate sounded better. If
    they added random poeple were more likly to think a low bit rate sounded
    better than a cleaner higher bit rate.
  7. **No idea. Certainly not for driving speakers. There are no output
    transformers. I've not pulled one apart. I've only seen photos.
    **Indeed. Nonetheless, this thing is a con-job. It uses LM -XXXX output ICs.
    AFAIK, the anode Volts on the tubes is far too low to allow them to be able
    to do anything meaningful. More seriously, however, is the nonsensically
    high filament Volts applied to the valves. I'd be surprised if they last
    much more than a few hundred hours.

    This amp is for the seriously deluded only. It'll probably be a massive
  8. **So? What's your point? Are you trying to relate a well built, properly
    designed professional amp to a POS sold by Jaycar to deluded people?
  9. Bob Parker

    Bob Parker Guest

    Just out of curiosity, what voltage is it hitting the heaters with?

  10. No different to anything that is subjective I guess.
    Like swearing a crapped out 40 year old VW beatle is a better drive
    than a brand new Statesman or whatever.
    There is a market for every taste.

    Nothing wrong with saying "it's got heaps of distortion, but I like it
    that way". But some people do get a tad delusional with the likes of
    valve amps, like when they start wanting a valve amp with minimal
    distortion and insist it sounds better than a solid state amp with the
    same specs.

  11. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Bob Parker"
    ** Yeah, I got my doubts on TW's claim.

    Valve heaters are made from tungsten wire, just like light bulbs, but do not
    rum near as hot,.

    The problem if you run them above nominal voltage is the cathode coating (
    wot doles out all the darn electrons) gets worn out rather quickly.

    Hardly maters in valves that barely do a jot of work.

    ...... Phil
  12. **The measurements I saw were not taken with an RMS Voltmeter, but the
    brightness of the filaments, compared with the same filaments operating at
    the correct Voltage was clear and obvious. I'd reckon a 20-25% overload
    would be in the ballpark.
  13. **Pop down to your local Jaycar and ask them to plug one in. You'll note
    that the filaments are running MUCH hotter than normal. Just ask ZACK.

    Well ZACK, tell us how bright the filaments are, compared to the filaments
    in your Marshall.
  14. **This should put it all into perspective:

    If I just purchased this POS, I'd take it back. It really is disgusting.

    There's one born every minute. Jaycar actually sell a reasonable amp, for a
    reasonable price (Part # AA-0470). There is no need for people to buy junk
    like this.
  15. **Have you forgotten? This is Jaycar. Gary probably needs to buy another new
    Ferrari. If he cons enough idiots to shell out 300 Bucks for this POS, he'll
    be able to buy one in no time at all.
  16. ZACK

    ZACK Guest

    dont blame me i only found out after i got it.
    you have not told us the voltage thats going
    into them, or do i have to find out myself.
    i know its a peace of crap.

    as guitar player i wont go past a marshall.
  17. ZACK

    ZACK Guest

    tell me, how do know obout this junk.
    did you get one and found out or
    were did yoy get the info from.
  18. ZACK

    ZACK Guest

    tell me, how do you know obout this junk.
    did you get one and found out or
    were did you get the info from
  19. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    to make them light up brighter?
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