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It's Time To Replace 60 Hz 110V Electricity

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Mark Thorson, Aug 16, 2003.

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  1. feklar

    feklar Guest

    You are the only idiot around here, or maybe you just lack basic
    reading comprehension skills.

    "at nearby power company substations" being the operative phrase here.

    As for the possibility of everyone having their own generator, search
    the web for quasiturbine. Think "quasiturbine made of high
    temperature cast resin or plastic or structural high strength glass
    instead fos steel". That new development will obviously bring the
    cost of generators down considerably. Less moving parts and therefore
    less cost and less maintenence, can operate without direct internal
    combustion in a much lower temperature range using expanding gas or
    mere temperature difference.

    The question here is whether it would be advantageous for everyone to
    have one of these, or to have substations. Personally, I suspect

    Not because of the costs, mind you, but because of the dangers
    associated with fools trying to store oxygen and hydrogen in their
    house as a power backup in case of a pipeline failure.

    I suppose you will tell us next that the copper wire networks, power
    poles, power line repairs for squirrels and especially for major storm
    damage and lightning strikes, and line and pole maintenence, and
    transformer networks are actually cheaper than the quasiturbines would
    be... checked the price of 2 gauge stranded copper wire lately? Also,
    the copper wire wears out every few decades from work hardening from
    repeated flexing in the wind and must be replaced. Transformers last
    20 to 30 years.) The power company could probably raise half the
    funds required for the quasiturbines as well as for the local
    pipelines by contracting (with qualifications like a backout clause)
    to sell thier copper wires at a future date as scrap at a set price
    per pound vs. the #1 scrap price at that time. Call your metal
    recycler, and ask them what the scrap price is for #1 and #2 grade
    copper, if you want to really be appalled.

    It would probably be around $600 to $800 for a (mass-produced)
    quasiturbine and a 20,000 kW generator, which is cheaper than the
    costs the power company bears now in terms of equipment and

    One's power bill (per kW of delivered energy) could easily stay the
    same, at least until the pipeline cost was paid for. Then it would

    But all this is still theoretical, and was and is being presented as
    such. At first, and perhaps always, the power company would route the
    pipleline to substations near the intended power delivery areas, and
    convert it there to electricity into copper wires. As I stated.

    The only immediate possible virtue of a pyrex pipeline would be
    considerably reduced very long distance transmission losses. Or maybe
    more immediately, for transmitting oil, gasoline, or natural gas to
    eliminate the problem of metal failure from hydrogen or nitrogen
    embrittlement in metal pipeline.

    The Amazing and Mysterious Powers of Mexican Females.

    Chapter 1: Levitation and Summoning.
  2. feklar

    feklar Guest

    Just to be sure we are actually on the same page here, what is it you
    think my proposal is?
    There are numerous large scale solar power approaches that work but
    have been far too expensive to implement. My contribution is to
    reduce the construction and materials cost so that many of them can
    now be considered cost-effective and can be implemented now (in the
    very near future).

    Read this thread, but ignore the parts about reducing the cost of
    offshore oil rigs with a new tye of undersea oil rig. Concentrate on
    the other issue, the pyrex machine. or

    and here or

    That new concept changes the costs involved in piplelines
    considerably. One of its lesser attributes, but an attribute
    Well, it shows a lot more class than "Yo chumps, check out the hooters
    on this wench", I thought...

    The Amazing and Mysterious Powers of Mexican Females.

    Chapter 1: Levitation and Summoning.
  3. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    Natural gas turbine generators ARE in use all over the world, you
    stupid twit. Your shit is weak. Very weak.
  4. Thinker

    Thinker Guest

    Do you have a source where I could purchase one of these turbines. It looks
    interesting and since I have a source of the necesary gases I am looking for
    an efficient machine to convert it to something usefull.
  5. N. Thornton

    N. Thornton Guest

    vague, lacking details on which energy conversion process you'd use,
    lacking any idea of evern if youd apply it to long distance
    transmission or domestic supply...

    Thanks, but I wont be reading 78+96 = 174 posts just because you cant
    be bothered to provide a proper link to one article in which you
    address whatever it is.

    show us then.

    Regards, NT
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