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ITC222 question(s)

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jan 16, 2008.

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    I checked all the usual suspects of course. Has normal vertical sweep,
    I replaced the three common caps, and the audio power is unplugged.
    Anode lead has been disconnected. I also visually inspected the CRTs
    for breakage, because if coolant gets down there in the neck of the
    CRT it will shut down even with the anodes disconnected.

    I have now found that the convergence PS is not running. I swear
    sometime in the past I had one with a convergence fault but would run
    with the convergence unplugged. Still no good.

    I checked for overvoltage at the 20 volt source, and it does climb
    just a bit, but when the horizontal starts it drops to a near perfect
    20 volts.

    The horizontal waveform at the fly seems normal. That would seem to
    rule it out as the culprit.

    I know one of the CRTs could have a major short and cause this, but
    you can't run the set with the CRT sockets unplugged from the chassis.
    Due to the difficulty in just removing the sockets from the CRTs
    themselves, I used to have a full set of three I could plug in. I
    can't find them anymore, and I suspect they got used in a set that had
    a coolant leak.

    A problem in the convergence has not been dismissed, but because I
    have seen one run with it disconnected I am heading in a different
    direction, I think.

    I have the print, but the disk is a copy, even though it is printed
    and everything. I'm told it came from a reputable source, but in the
    training directory there is but one small PDF. I suspect there should
    be alot more. I am almost 100% sure it is a copy, because there is a
    file on it named pspbrowse.jbf. I happen to know that is a file of
    thumbnails of pictures in the directory. It is used by a program
    called Paint Shop Pro. It is a Jasc browser file. There is no reason
    on Earth for it to be on this disk. It also does not initialize
    properly, it says "Error running query", so I have to get the files
    using Explorer.

    At any rate, can anybody point me in the right direction on this ? I
    am running out of options.

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