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ITC008 RCA 36V550T.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Sky, Dec 11, 2005.

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  1. Sky

    Sky Guest

    Sorry, posted before I was finished!

    No sound on tuner, sometimes sound is there just as pix apperars, then
    goes. Ok on inputs. Replaced CS124, as per service bulletin, the same.
    Looking on the service cd, the schematic is wrong! Pin 47 of IC # IS 100
    shows audio input from sound IF TS 101 transistor, with 1.5 vdc, but there
    is no connection on the IC in the set. It may even be the Micro not
    the sound portion of the tuner signal. Anyone see this problem before? Sky.
  2. Golf

    Golf Guest

    Not with this particular set, but I had the exact type problem with a
    video processor (Toshiba). The replacement IC schematic had connections
    where there were none in the set. I posted this problem and asked for
    feedback if common problem, but no replies. Good luck.
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