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It Don't Scan--

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ron, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. Ron

    Ron Guest

    For some reason, the two scanners that I've bought has never had a life
    span of more than one or two days worth of scanning. Now, I'm thinking
    of buying the Samsung SCX-4100 laser printer and scanner, but I fear
    that if I purchase it, the scanner will meet the hideous fates of its
    two predecessors.

    I guess, my question is why did two scanners die such early deaths and
    is this sort of thing so common that if I buy the SCX-4100 I'll be
    having to repair the scanner in a few days?

  2. mc

    mc Guest

    I don't know. I'd wonder about rough handling.

    I've used half a dozen scanners in various places and none has died an early
    death. At work I'm still using an HP scanner from the early 1990s.
  3. Dave D

    Dave D Guest

    That's what warranties are for!
    In my experience scanners don't have particularly bad reliability, though
    I've seen a few of the low end Musteks trashed at a fairly young age.

  4. Dave D

    Dave D Guest

    I still use an HP Scanjet 6100C, and I have the sheet feeder to go with it,
    though I've never tried that out. It's a great scanner- it must be
    considering the abuse I've given it and the abuse it received at it's
    previous home- a busy office. Solid build, unlike many modern scanners, and
    very nice image quality.

  5. Guest

    You're not trying to scan your ass, like people do with photocopiers?
  6. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Hard to say, I bought a Microtek Scanmaker E3 when scanners first took
    their massive price plunge back in the late 90s and I still use it
    today. Granted it's pretty big and clunky but it still works. I see
    quite a few older scanners being given away for free, maybe you should
    adopt one and try your luck with an older unit.
  7. Hi!
    It might help us to know what kind of scanners you had and how they failed
    (no powering up, software errors, tries to scan but won't, etc...).

    Scanners should be pretty long-lived devices. Until a basement flood wiped
    it out, I had and used an HP ScanJet III almost daily...sure it was
    greyscale only, but it worked well for scanning documents and images that I
    *wanted* greyscale scans of. I should really look for another one.

    I have other scanners that have also had good lifetimes...HP OfficeJet 600,
    ScanJet 5 (of some kind), ScanJet 3000 series and a few others, including an
    Acer flatbed model. I've also had good luck with every Samsung printer I've
    owned thus far--two ML-1710s, one ML-1740 and most recently a CLP-550N color
    laser printer.

  8. Ron

    Ron Guest

    I bought an HP scanner, scanned a small booklet, and two days later I
    couldn't even get the damn scanning light to come on. The one befire
    that lasted a little bit longer, five or six scans, then phhhtttt; a
    dead scanner. No abuse, no hard use, just some light usage and about a
    hundred bucks gone out the window. Maybe I'm a scannet jinx, I don't

  9. Ron

    Ron Guest

    Hi, William;

    Both scanners died of the same problem: after a short while the scan
    light wouldn't come on and the scanners wouldn't respond to software
    commands. The first one lasted about a dozen scans, then the second
    scanner, an HP scanner although I don't remember the model, lasted a
    lot less than that. About two scans and R.I.P-- the thing became
    permanently unresponsive and the diagnostics say the unit isn't on the
    system. I use Windows 2000 which has been pretty reliable with things
    from biofeedack units to everything else except for the scanners. But
    it's always been a hardware problem (the scanners) than a software

  10. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Did you try returning them to the store? If you only scanned one booklet
    they should give you a new one.
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