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Issues with the stereo tuner TEAC T-X120

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by TFranco60, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. TFranco60

    TFranco60 Guest

    Hi everybody,

    I'm trying to fix a stereo tuner TEAC T-X120 I've received from a friend of
    this tuner shows issues when in FM:

    1. The automaic search of the FM radio stations seems not to work, you can
    start it, the receivers seems to run thru the FM frequencies, but no station

    2. You can tune manually a radio station only in MONO, if you try to switch
    to STEREO
    the receiver stays silent, the STEREO leds stays down, nothing can be heard

    Obviously I've used a new FM dipole, no changes... Any clues/advices ?
    Thank you all and hi from Italy.

  2. The discriminator adjustment is off. This is actually a very common problem
    for digital tuners. There are two discriminator adjutments in a typical
    tuner. One adjusts the station centering (I suppose you could call it a
    "zero-cross" point), the other affects the distortion more. For this reason
    this alignment should be done in a shop by a qualified tech. In rare cases
    an out-of-spec 7.2 mHz crystal could cause the same symptom.

    Mark Z.
  3. TFranco60

    TFranco60 Guest


    that was it... thanks to a friend of mine who helped me with his
    oscilloscopen we could easily fix the issue and now the tuner is back to
    Thank you so much !

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