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Is zero even or odd?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Gactimus, Dec 20, 2004.

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  1. Gactimus

    Gactimus Guest

    I know 0 is neither negative or positive but what about odd/even? I think
    it's even.

    Odd numbers start at 1 and go every other number 1,3,5,7;1,-1,-3,-5,-7
    Even starts at 2 and go every other number 2,4,6,8;2,0,-2,-4,-6,-8
  2. As it can be divided by 2 without a remainder, it is obviously even.
  3. BB

    BB Guest

    The divisor would have to be something smaller than 0 like -2.
    Therefore zero is both even and negative.
  4. BB> The divisor would have to be something smaller than 0 like -2.
    BB> Therefore zero is both even and negative.

    This is a troll. *Negative*? Can I have some of the drug you're
    smoking? :)
  5. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  6. Huh? 0/2 is somehow undefined because 2 > 0? Interesting.
  7. John Sefton

    John Sefton Guest

    It's not a prime, because a prime can
    only be divided by itself and 1.
    0 can't be divided by itself, but
    can be divided by everything else.
    An anti-prime?
  8. Tam/WB2TT

    Tam/WB2TT Guest

  9. keith

    keith Guest

    That depends on your processor. Many FPUs have both negative and positive
    zero. Even fixed point arithmetic using 1's compliment has both positive
    and negative '0'. It depends what the meaning of "arithmetic" is. ;-)

    Yikes! So many cross-posts to groups that apparently aren't on my server!
  10. Sure it can: 0 / 0 = 0 * (1 / 0) = 0 * infinity = 1

    It works if the only three numbers in the universe are
    0, 1, and infinity -- A number system that seems very
    suited to usenet.
  11. Mitch Harris

    Mitch Harris Guest

    Well, it's called "negative" in French. (also positive, in order to
    be logically consistent). And their bridges hold up pretty well.

    as to the antecedent, woo hoo! I'd guess sleep deprivation.
  12. (in <>) about 'Is zero even or odd?',
    There is other evidence. Even powers of negative numbers are positive,
    and (-x)^0 = 1, which is usually positive. (;-)
  13. If you rephrase that as "is a multiple only of 1 and itself" you will save
    yourself the exception
    -- Richard
  14. I read in that Nicholas O. Lindan <>
    One possible solution, given the enormous lack of rigour in 'infinity'.
    But in general, 0/0 can take any value. Consider:

    Lim {@->0}[([email protected])/@] = 2377.pi
  15. Androcles

    Androcles Guest

    I thought 1+0 = 1, but I guess I can't do hard sums.

  16. I seeem to recall 0 coming up negative in some old IBM mainframes. That was
    In computers using ones complement arithmetic, the number zero can be
    represented in two ways: all bits zero (which appears positive) or all
    bits one (which appears negative).

    But this is just a matter of how numbers are represented in the machine,
    and says nothing about whether zero is really a positive number, a
    negative number, or neither.m
  17. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

  18. Mr. 4X

    Mr. 4X Guest

    Really? Is [positive number]*0 negative?
  19. Oh, dear.

  20. Androcles

    Androcles Guest

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