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Is this oscilloscope working ? or is it broken?

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Sam Kaan, Dec 5, 2003.

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  1. Sam Kaan

    Sam Kaan Guest

    In these photos I can adjust the dot(s) along the vertical axis. Although
    the Plugins are put in incorrectly.

    In these pictures, I can only adjust the dot(s) along horizontal axis. This
    time the plugins are in the
    correct slots on the mainframe. However I can not for some reason move the
    dot along the vertical axis, but
    only along the horizontal. I did try to turn the knobs label as "offset"
    and "position", those two big knob on the left Plugin.

    I had a chance to go to the library today and look at a book about using a
    scope. In it, it talks about you have to turn the
    TIME/DIV knob to the X-Y position on the dial before you can change the
    vertical and horizontal position of the trace.
    But on my scope, the TIME/DIV knob has no X-Y dial position.

    I think that the scope itself is ok as far as being able to place the dot
    anywhere on the screen, as can be shown in the previous pictures I took.
    So it is possible the plugins themselves are bad. Or perhaps there are
    something else I forgot to set which would have made this to work.

    I am very at it, and would hope someone can help me get this thing working
    or at least determine for sure that its not working
    so I can describe to a repair shop what's wrong with it.
  2. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Firstly, i believe one must have at least 3 plugins installed; i may
    be incorrect.
    There is no such thing as an "incorrect" position for a plugin; any
    compatible, working plugin will work in any one of the 4 positions. All
    4 can be amplifiers, or traces, or samplers, or spectrum analyzers,
    or...any mix you want.
    One can move the spot/trace position at *any* time, so ignore that
    part of what you read.

    Now look carefully on the two goups of white, wide buttons on the
    On the left they are clearly labelled: LEFT, ALT, ADD, CHOP, RIGHT.
    These select the Vertical Mode, and for all of the "OSCn" photos, you
    have CHOP selected, when there is clearly only one plugin installed in
    the vertical bays. The 2 dots as shown is from the CHOP mode. But if the
    sweep plugin was working, one dot would be seen, and a vertical trace
    would also be seen.
    On the right they are clearly labelled: A, ALT, CHOP, B. These select
    the Horizontal Mode, and for all of the "HORIZn" photos, you have the
    proper bays selected (LEFT, B).

    Except for the 7B52 Dual Time Base, i cannot see the plugin type, as
    the plastic "pull tab" used to remove the plugin is missing.
    Double check that these plugins are indeed 7-series and not 5-series
    (i do not know if 5-series will even totally plug into a 7-series

    In any case, it appears that the delaying sweep plugin is not working,
    as it should "free-run" with the Auto or P-P Auto modes (which you have
    clearly chosen). If it was working, one vertical trace would have been
    displayed with the sweep in a Vertical bay, and one horizontal trace
    would have been displayed with the sweep in a Horizontal bay.
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