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Is this oscilloscope working? or is it broken?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Sam Kaan, Dec 5, 2003.

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  1. Sam Kaan

    Sam Kaan Guest

    In these photos I can adjust the dot(s) along the vertical axis. Although
    the Plugins are put in incorrectly.

    In these pictures, I can only adjust the dot(s) along horizontal axis. This
    time the plugins are in the
    correct slots on the mainframe. However I can not for some reason move the
    dot along the vertical axis, but
    only along the horizontal. I did try to turn the knobs label as "offset"
    and "position", those two big knob on the left Plugin.

    I had a chance to go to the library today and look at a book about using a
    scope. In it, it talks about you have to turn the
    TIME/DIV knob to the X-Y position on the dial before you can change the
    vertical and horizontal position of the trace.
    But on my scope, the TIME/DIV knob has no X-Y dial position.

    I think that the scope itself is ok as far as being able to place the dot
    anywhere on the screen, as can be shown in the previous pictures I took.
    So it is possible the plugins themselves are bad. Or perhaps there are
    something else I forgot to set which would have made this to work.

    I am very new at it, and would hope someone can help me get this thing
    or at least determine for sure that its not working
    so I can describe to a repair shop what's wrong with it.
  2. The X-Y mode is rarely used. With the 7904, you would need a vertical
    amplifer in a horizontal slot to do it.
    Your vertical amplifier has two channels - if selecting Channel 1 and
    playing with the channel 1 position and offset controls has no effect,
    try selecting channel 2, and using the channel 2 position and offset

    I believe you have two vertical amps - repeat this with the other one,
    and with either amp in the Right Vertical (second) slot (select "B"
    vertical mode).

    You should be able to determine whether the fault lies in one of the
    plug-ins, or in the mainframe.
  3. Wayne Shanks

    Wayne Shanks Guest

    Where is your horizontal time base..... you need one of those also

    they go on the right side... so get that vertical amp out of slot that
    says time base along the bottom frame. It looks like it might work if
    you get a horizontal plug-in

    wayne s
  4. Wayne Shanks

    Wayne Shanks Guest

    OOps, I just realized you do have a horizontal plug-in...

    You have it in the vertical amplifier slot....

    reverse the order of those puppies, and try again

    Wayne s
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