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Is this camcorder AC adap. dead dead with a few volts output?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by David Askari, Apr 3, 2004.

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  1. David Askari

    David Askari Guest

    its a sony camcorder ac adapter with a good fuse. No led,s or sound
    or anything to indicate activity. But a volt meters shows a few
    volts. I read the sam faq on swithable adapters but did I miss the
    area regarding dead but good fuse and a few volts?
  2. jtech

    jtech Guest

    Try to get a reading the voltage with it connected to the camera. It may
    need to be loaded to develope its voltage. If its still low, then yes its
  3. David Askari

    David Askari Guest

    its dead but I have a compat and dell adapter rating over 2 amp and
    19volt. If I use a ceramic wound resister to drop it to7.2, would it
    be that simple? I am not sure yet how to use the ohms law but my
    numbers I need would be the current the camera would draw and its
    volts for the target output and the volts of the new switching
    adapters. I won,t use the amperage in calcation from the ac adapter.
    I seem to remember its 3 numbers for working the resister ohms. Maybe
    I will try to set it up like the formola I used for the led arrays I
    used to make for 12volts.
    mainly beside the ohms is there any other things that would go out of
  4. exray

    exray Guest

    Problem is that the current being drawn by the unit may vary dependent
    on which features are running, etc. That causes the voltage drop to
    vary thru a dropping resistor and it may not be stable enough to operate

    However, you could use the xfmr if you were to build up a simple
    regulator circuit. I think getting a proper adapter would be easier and
    present less risk.

    I won,t use the amperage in calcation from the ac adapter.
    The formula R=E/I resistor value = voltage drop required (11.8)
    divided by the current draw (unknown). So you see the resistor value is
    totaly dependent on the current draw of the unit.

  5. David Askari

    David Askari Guest

    You are of course correct and I should have seen that issue of loads.
    It,s easily seen by the lenght of battery life depending on what the
    camera is made to do. But thanks for the reminder to prevent me from
    doing it(and damaging something I want to fix)
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