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Is there pause option on CD-ROM

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by punkee, Jan 25, 2004.

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  1. punkee

    punkee Guest

    Anyone know is there in coputer CD-ROM's prebuilded option for pause or
    previous buttons???? I want to use CD-ROM as a CD player.
  2. dont know

    dont know Guest

    not on the cd-rom drive itself. You have to use a program to control
    the drive.
  3. punkee

    punkee Guest

    It's posible to re-wire inside CD-ROM to get out those buttons?
  4. Myron Samila

    Myron Samila Guest

    Anything is possible, but is it worth the effort? The firmware requires software control
    to have full control of the audio from the CD-ROM drive.

    What is your application that you've decided to use a CD-ROM drive to play audio CDs?
    Typically, a single DVD player that can play all audio formats costs around $50 at
    WalMart, and that is $50 in Cnd funds!!!
  5. When playing CD's, the software that I am using has a pause button. I
    have used a program called Winamp, and also the software that came
    with my sound card has a CD player as well.

    The CD player that comes with the Windows operating system should also
    be able to play CD disks, and have a pause, if I remember right.

    Jerry Greenberg
  6. punkee

    punkee Guest

    Yes that's all all right and truth, but I have at house some extra PC parts.
    I have switch-power suply and CD-ROM and I want to make something like
    mini-line. Without monitor, operating system, etc. only power suply and
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