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Is there an equivalent of Maplin (UK) in the US?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Sep 1, 2005.

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  1. Guest


    I'm looking for a good US electronic component stockist - so far I've
    found only a few that cater to the hobbyist - and even then they rarely
    have *everything* I need (eg CDS cells).

    When I lived in the UK Maplin Electronics had a massive catalog, and
    they had *everything* I ever needed. I'm amazed that the US doesn't
    have an equivalent (that I can find).

    Even Radio Shack has taken to selling components in "grab bags" where
    you don't get a consistent set from one pack to another (especially CDS

    Anyone know...?

  2. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Hi, Steve. There aren't many manufacturers of CdS photocells left.
    Too bad, because they're pretty much indestructible, and although
    they're slow, they have a light response range similar to the human

    The most hobby-friendly component source in the States would be Mouser.
    They've got practically everything you could want, have no minimum
    order, and will even ship parcel post to save you a few bucks if you're
    willing to wait.

    Mouser used to carry Xicor photocells up 'till last year, but I guess
    they discontinued them.

    Another good source for hobbyists is Jameco. They do have a variety of
    generic CdS photocells with specified resistance ranges in stock.

    I find you can usually get the things you need at very reasonable
    prices from one of these two sources. And both of them will send you a
    free catalog if you sign up on their website.

    Also, if you're desparate, I hear Maplin does accept orders from this
    side of the pond, if you use a credit card and are willing to wait.
    You have to call them direct at 00448704296000 to place an order.

    Radio Shack photocells do go all over the place -- no two alike, for
    sure. However, they all work after a fashion, and are usually good
    enough for "proof of concept" if you measure and tweak for each one.
    If you do get one of their grab bags, inspect for lead breakage before
    buying and be careful with the component leads during handling.

    Good luck
  3. Guest

    Thanks - Jameco looks like they can help

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    royalmp2001 Guest

  5. royalmp2001

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