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Is the E-Cat finally proven?

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by amdx, May 21, 2013.

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  1. amdx

    amdx Guest

    Here's a link to a PDF (right side of page) of third party testing
    on the E-Cat HT.

    I have only read reviews so far but it looks good.

    Please read and review the paper.

    Maybe this will generate a little traffic,
    believers and non believers. :)

  2. amdx

    amdx Guest


    I posted on >< under the subject,
    Third Party Tests Conducted.
    I ask for reviews, I did not find any believers and
    had one fellow do a page by page breakdown of things
    he didn't like about the tests.
    He made some good points but "if the authors are credible",
    with all the conservative positions they took this thing has more output
    than input.
    Looks like there still some info that needs to be more open
    to help convince the masses.
  3. j

    j Guest

    It's a very indirect way of measuring heat.

    Some kind of heat balance calorimeter would give a much more direct
    answer with a lot less assumptions.

    Use water or another fluid to cool the device. The temperature rise of
    the fluid * specific heat * weight of fluid will give the heat
    generated. Run the same test with the same cycling for a control and a
    lot of doubts would be ameliorated.

    It would also be a step toward a useful device where heat was doing
    some work rather than heating the office.

  4. amdx

    amdx Guest

    I'm curious, How much can you cool it before the reaction stops?
    Is the resistance heating enough to keep the reaction going even when
    bathed in room temp water?
  5. Vaughn

    Vaughn Guest

    This is the best test so far. The "tests" that have been provided by
    E-Cat in the past have been laughable.

    Still, you can include me among the interested but still unconvinced
    parties. For starters, I don't like their method of measuring output.
    Also it concerns me that it was conducted at E-cat, and apparently under
    their supervision, and so doesn't quite qualify as a true 3rd party test.

    Hasn't E-cat invented some way of tapping useful energy from their
    cells? If so, why wasn't it used?

  6. Vaughn

    Vaughn Guest

    Good question!
    There is no particular reason for it to be bathed in room temperature
    water. Assuming that the final use of the E-cat will be as the energy
    source in a heat engine; the hotter the operating temperature, the more
    useful and more efficient it will be.

    To power a commercial steam plant of useful efficiency, 400 degrees F.
    is around the lower limit.

  7. Bob F

    Bob F Guest

    It would seem as if there is a power density problem with these devices,
    assuming there is any reality to these stories. If the previous test melted the
    device down, clearly there are temp regulation problems, The latest test
    suggests that the temps can get high enough to be useful, but that they have
    little faith in their ability to increase the energy level to useful levels
    safely without destroying the device. Walmart won't have these for awhile.
  8. j

    j Guest



    There are a lot of fairly easy ways to remove some heat without cooling
    too far. And it is much easier to accurately measure that heat that was
    removed than averaging IR readings. Just add insulation and a cooling
    fluid that could even be air. You can run it at any temperature needed
    by adjusting coolant flow.

    And you would have a device headed towards not only more accurate
    measurements, but towards being "operational". I don't see Rossi doing this.

    Accurate calorimetric readings are taken everywhere but by Rossi.

  9. mike

    mike Guest

    Yet another study in obfuscation.
    They go well out of their way to avoid making a measurement.

    Put a water jacket around the thing.
    Measure the water volume at beginning and end of the experiment.
    Vent the steam.
    Control the steam outlet pressure to vary the water temperature.
    If you know the
    starting water temperature.
    volume of water vented as steam
    steam outlet pressure or temperature
    you should have enough information to make a useful output
    measurement in a REAL application that can be used to
    extract useful energy.

    The measurement is trivial. You could do it in your garage
    with instrumentation found in the kitchen drawer.

    The ONLY reason for not making
    a similar DIRECT measurement is to obfuscate the result.

    Thumbs-down in my corner of the universe!!!
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