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Is really IBM a open source heavy supporter ??

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Sathish Kumar, Jul 14, 2004.

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  1. If IBM is a real good supporter of OpenSource, i.e., GNU
    , then why cannot it expire all its software patents, and support in a
    real way. so clearly, its enjoying the benefits of Open Source and
    damaging all other companies, while supporting software patents which
    is the main opposition for GNU(Richard Stallman,,
    a.k.a. Open Source). ha, ha :), funny that how GNU is fooled by IBM
    using money. what i thought was true or false guys ????

    -a real open source developer.
  2. Having been involved in computers and computer software since the
    early 60s, I find it very difficult to criticize IBM on the issue of
    'open sourcing'.

    The very early IBM PCs freely docmented the interface requirements for
    their computers, and thus founded an entire industry of 3rd party
    suppliers for graphics cards, audio cards, data acquisition cards,

    While their early computers were generally supplied with Microsoft
    operating systems, they were equally receptive to the instalation of
    alternative software, including Unix and various other software

    In my view, GNU has a very serious internal problem if it has
    difficulty running on IBM iron, since no one else seems to have this
    problem. In fact, right now I'm running on an IBM clone using Windows
    XP Pro, on my secondary boot disk I have Red Hat Linux, which runs
    just fine.

    Perhaps you would elaborate on the problems that you are having
    running GNU on IBM iron. Then too, considering that I've also had many
    problems running GNU software, perphaps it's simply a GNU faulty
    design problem? (Recall the problems GNU experienced several years
    back when advanced graphics/video cards began to be introduced).

    Harry C.
  3. if u think other companies can use it free of charge, then whatz the use of
    GNU concepts which is established by the great man Mr.Richard Stallman. his
    main aim is to eradicate close source and software patents and codes should
    be free among developers or companies or any.. am i right ??

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