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Is it safe?

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Programmer666, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. My DSL modems 9V adaptor burnt so I'm using another adaptor (output 12V) for
    the modem and its working fine!
    Just wanted to know if this may damage my DSL modem?
  2. Don Stauffer

    Don Stauffer Guest

    Depends on its circuitry and what sort of filtering and regulation it
    has. It MAY be okay, but then again it may not. Consider that
    accelerated life tests sometimes stress unit with higher applied voltage
    and higher temp.
  3. PCPaul

    PCPaul Guest

    In all likelihood, what's happening internally is that there is a voltage
    regulator which is running noticeably hotter than before, and is coping
    OK for now. Probably the whole thing will age faster than before, or it
    might just go pop one day.

    OTOH I've had some cheap far eastern network gear which was sometiumes
    delivered with 9V and sometimes with 12V supplies, and the 12V versions
    ran far more stably for a long time.

    If it works, and it's a cheap router, use it. If it goes pop, buy another
  4. Guest

    Pop it open, trace the power circuit, see what the parts in it are
    rated for. You didn't mention whether either adapter was regulated or
    not, and what their current ratings were vs the rated power
    consumption of the modem instead of just peak requirement, which if
    you're lucky will be in it's manual and somewhat accurate.
  5. I Don't know - is it safe? Hindu
  6. Bobby

    Bobby Guest

    It will be OK until it stops working.
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