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Is it really that tough out there ? FIRED !

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jan 30, 2008.

  1. They used to look around more than they do today. You see people
    walk down the isle, just looking at prices, then grabbing a box with the
    lowest price.

    There is some decent imported equipment, but the majority of it is
    junk. You did your research, rather than impulse buy. Most people
    don't. :)

    No. that station bragged that it was built under budget, and I
    already knew they had lost three chief engineers because the way the
    place was built, and the station only willing to pay a 40 hour per week
    salary, while expecting you to be available 24/7.

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida

  2. Certainly! Our employees were the highest paid techs in the area,
    had the best health care, got to drive company trucks home, and could be
    fired if they didn't do their jobs right. My pay was more than $3 an
    hour higher than anyone in any of the union shops. As usual, you union
    maggots can't see reality for your greed.

    So it isn't their fault that they are ignorant? Then where do YOU
    lay the blame? Public schools? their parents? I KNOW! They were
    unloved as a child and refused to learn anything, just to show up their

    See? You are making more unfounded ASS-umptions. The company hired
    an new executive VP who decided to close the in house service
    department. Both techs were to be transferred to field work, and because
    of my health I could not climb poles on climbing hooks. I was made a
    promise that I would NEVER have to climb a pole, and had one of the
    bucket trucks available for special projects. It was no longer the
    company I had agreed to work for, so I was man enough to leave. You ass
    kissing union losers would have walked out on strike, because you can't
    think for yourself. Also, I wanted to leave the area to be closer to
    family, all of who lived in Florida.

    Just the twisted communist view I expected from a union flunky. The
    owners were fed up with the union forcing them to keep thieves and
    useless workers on the payroll, so they sold out. It was the Middletown
    Armco steel mill, the first computer controlled steel mill in the United
    States. It was built in the early '60s at a cost of over 1.2 Billion
    dollars. The 'union' construction company managed to turn a 600 million
    dollar project into one with an over 100 percent cost overrun. The
    workers were well paid, because most of the jobs were technical, not
    grunt work like their original 100 year old mill.

    AK Steel, the new owners wanted to close the plant because they could
    make steel cheaper in Japan, even though the quality was lower. The
    plant needed some upgrades, but all the money Armco needed to stay
    competitive was being bled from their bank accounts by the deadwood the
    union demanded they keep on their payroll.

    Middletown WAS a very nice place to live, till the greedy union
    bastards slit their own throats. The ripple effect on the support
    industries hurt about 200,000 people.

    You're welcome. I studied hard to learn to talk like a union member.

    A clear sign of someone who knows their union arguments are shaky
    and resorts to name calling.

    See above.

    Show everyone where I EVER made that claim. I was pissed by the
    early imports of Japanese 'crap-tronics' when it hit our shores, over 40
    years ago. No one listened, because the stuff was
    CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They could save 30% or more, and have it right
    now even if it failed within a year.

    You are an example of someone who only see what he wants to, and
    tells lies to make his point. No one should be guaranteed a job for
    life, or be protected from being fired for stealing, doing shoddy or no
    work at all.

    Unions are greedy and have caused a lot of businesses to close. For
    example: A corporation owned about 20 paper mills across the US. 19
    were making decent profits, and the other was hemorrhaging losses. The
    workers complained about everything, and never admitted their screw
    ups. The machinery is too old! (It was newer than most of the other
    plants.) The raw material is no good. (The other plants used the same
    materials from the same sources.) It wasn't their fault they were late
    or absent from the job several times a week, blah, blah, blah.

    The president of the company moved to Middletown, Ohio to try to
    straighten it out. After a few months of their constant whining, they
    told him they were going union. He showed them that they were already
    better paid that the union people working in other local paper mills and
    he was not going to put up with another layer of problems, that if they
    formed a union, he was closing the plant and splitting their work
    between two of their other plants in the region.

    They told him he was bluffing. A few days later they walked into his
    office and dropped the union papers on his desk. He picked up his phone
    and announced the plant was closed, and that people only had five
    minutes to remove their personal property.

    All of a sudden they were making all kinds of promises, offered to
    tear up the union papers, but the place was closed and padlocked. It
    cost his company less for additional shipping from the other plants to
    their customers, than the expense of trying to keep that plant open. No
    one got transferred to another plant.

    Fast forward a decade: Another local paper plant burnt one night,
    and made the national news. The president that had closed that mill
    flew into town the next morning to deliver the keys to his closed
    plant. It opened a few days later, with same machinery. Within a few
    weeks they were producing more than three times the paper the former
    workers ever did.

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  3. If the situation were reversed -- that the union employees were better
    off -- would you have pumped for a union?

    I've long wanted a union for technical writers. Not for better pay, which is
    good, but to keep out the unqualified people (ie, middle-aged women who have
    nothing better to do with their time) and establish high standards of
    technical documentation. I wish there were a tech-writer's union -- I'd
    probably still be working at Data I/O.

    Speaking of steel mills... Do you remember the tax break American steel
    companies got back in the '70s? Do you remember what they did with it?

    Greedy unions exist because greedy businesses exist.
  4. b

    b Guest

    Or to put it another way, you couldn't see what was coming for your
    greed. you preferred better wages in the short term and zero job
    security - as you later found out to your cost. who's the greedy one

    (speculative crap snipped)
    ..dumbfuck, for believing that!
    ....and losers like you go round blithely union-bashing, spewing out
    this nonsense because you are too stupid or too indoctrinated by
    neoliberal doctrines to realise you're being screwed over, wrapping it
    up in BS about 'being a man'. everyone can see how full of shit you
    ah, so now you weren't forced out aof a job by broken management
    promises, but you WANTED to leave. this is hilarious!
    ah, so its 'reds under the bed' time now. this is great, how many more
    cold war clichés are you going to come out with?
    who's to say who is 'dead wood' and who isn't ? sounds like an excuse
    to increase profits at the cost of the workers to me.

    ultimately this seems to come down not so much to an argument about
    industrial relations, but to an argument about basic view of people.
    You feel they're 'thieves', 'lazy', 'dead wood', 'stooges', 'maggots',
    a 'herd'...I pity people with a dismal worldview like you. You have
    proven yourself incapable of educated and balanced argument; someone
    comes along with a more open view of people and their rights, then you
    immediately start getting personal and vulgar - there's barely a
    single paragraph you wrote which didn't contain some abuse and

    (more tired union-bashing snipped)
    your incessant disregard for the rights of woriking people NOT to be
    screwed over by employers is evidence enough. we're going round in
    circles here so let's just agree to disagree...
  5. Actually, the idea of unions being "communist" organizations dates back long
    before the Cold War. Rent "How Green Was My Valley". The father -- who has
    an important job in the coal mine -- is very much against unions because
    they're "communist".
  6. b

    b Guest

    On Feb 11, 12:28 am, "William Sommerwerck"
    thanks William, will try and find a copy!

  7. Guest

  8. James Beck

    James Beck Guest

    Oh yeah, these guys are real pillars of the community.
    From :

    Delvescovo, reputed mob associate Nicholas Calvo and union official
    Michael King allegedly shook down a subcontractor identified in the
    indictment only as "John Doe No. 4." The informant is Joseph Vollaro,
    the owner of Andrews Trucking and other companies, according to a
    federal law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity
    because the individual was not named in the documents.
  9. James Beck

    James Beck Guest

    Yeah, I'll bet that is a common thing......... NOT, and what you BELIEVE
    and what really happened might just be 2 different things.

  10. James Beck

    James Beck Guest

    You don't understand the term?
    Just to top it off, it appears that the union thugs in NYC have been
    shaking down construction companies for illegal kick backs. Yep, real
    moral giants there.

  11. James Beck

    James Beck Guest

    And then........................................

  12. No I would have moved to another field. That job was well below my
    skill set, but the pay was acceptable. I worked second shift by myself,
    set my own schedule, and had free cable TV while at work. If there was
    something I wanted to watch, that was when i took my lunch break.

    A professional association would be better than a union, but you
    still run into management not understanding the importance of good
    documentation, or even worse, the bean counters who won't spend the

    When was this? I spent part of the '70s in the US Army.

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  13. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    I understand the term, but obviously you don't or you would be able to
    specify the item the union threatened to "tell about."

    So what were the construction companies doing that opened them up to being
    "blackmailed" (your term, not mine)? Sounds like two rotten organizations.
  14. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    And then what? You are showing clear signs of being an ass.

  15. And a union would have guaranteed me a job forever? How IS the buggy
    whip manufacturing business these days?

    No, but you are for thinking that you know all the details. I ran the
    corporate repair facility, I was not part of the field crew. At first
    it was interesting work. I was repairing equipment that the manufacturer
    couldn't, designed system extensions and CATV headends.

    Now tell us: If you were hired as a welder would YOU expect to be
    cleaning toilets?

    i earned the right to union bash, after the death threats I got from
    co workers who were union. I was working management, and was told I
    would never make it home from work if I crossed their picket line.

    A closed mind is a terrible thing. A union lobotomized mind is even
    worse. I get bored after a number of years on the same job and I had
    worked there over four years. That, with a death in the immediate family
    and several other things, there just wasn't any reason to stay. I moved,
    and got the first job I applied for. People with valuable skills can do

    BTW: You still haven't told the newsgroup if you have any skills other
    than the inability to write clearly.

    If there are any 'reds under the bed', they aren't here. Union
    propaganda is still made of recycled, overpriced lies. Unions were
    great, at one time. Then the criminals and idiots took over.

    The people who were always away from their position? How about the
    guy they videotaped on second shit slipping into a storeroom? He would
    sleep four hours, get up and go to lunch, then go back for four more
    hours. According to the union, it wasn't the union member's fault that
    the company couldn't find him. or that he was being paid for work he
    didn't do.

    You are full of shit, as usual. Unions are a great thing for bottom
    feeders, and those who can't think for themselves. My dad had to join a
    union to work in a corrugated paper plant. He was happier that he could
    quit the union than for the pay increase when he made foreman. he was
    always complaining about the dead wood he had to work with, because the
    union wouldn't let the company fire them. One was so bad that they had
    to show him how to do his job every Monday. He also complained about
    the losers demanding he reduce the quality of his work, to their level.

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  16. It was during the Carter administration. The steel industry got one-time tax
    breaks, so it could upgrade its facilities to remain competitive. Instead,
    the steel companies used the money to buy other companies that were doing
    well, so they could give their stockholders a better return.

    In other words, the steel companies viewed themselves as being in business
    to make profits for their stockholders, rather than to manufacture and sell
  17. James Beck

    James Beck Guest

    Wow, you sure told me.
    That still doesn't answer the question.
    And then.........

  18. James Beck

    James Beck Guest

    Yeah, wanting to do business in the city, that sure sounds bad to me.
    So, those great moral union/mob boys needed to take a little of the
    profit, off the books, to straighten things out for the workers.
    You are such a union stooge it isn't even funny.

  19. James Beck

    James Beck Guest

    No, they bought companies that had already invested in better
    technology, rather than doing upgrades to older plants. The idea was to
    make the company profitable and able to financially maneuver faster. It
    worked, the US steel industry is a $75 billion dollar a year industry
    and those companies are still employing people. If you don't like how
    they manage their money start your own steel company and do it better.
    THAT is the American way, whining isn't.

  20. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    And then, WHAT? Don't be so obtuse.
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