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Is it possible to post a picture of a schematic here?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by John A, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. John A

    John A Guest

    I can't see how and I have a question about a power supply. Thanks, John
  2. No, you can't. Well you can, but most people won't be able to see it, it
    takes up lots of unecessary bandwidth, etc.

    There are binary groups were large files can be posted, but many servers
    don't carry them because of the overhead. One medium size JPEG may take
    up as much space and time as a month's traffic on this group.

    Best thing to do is to open an account on one of the many free fileserver
    sights. Then post the link.

    That way people who are interested in seeing it can download it and look,
    without taking up the space and bandwidth for the rest who don't.

  3. Guest

    I got one word - Dropbox. I guess it's a form of cloud storage and it is pretty easy to use. I got it and would never give it up. They give you a gig or two for free but you can buy more.

    You just download Dropbox and let it install, then you get a special folderto which you move files you want to share on the net, or save off site. Itcan be used for insurance backup photos and things like that in your private area which can only be retrieved by you (from any commputer though), butto let others get the file you drag it into the \private subdirectory.

    Once it uploads (there is a status indicator in your taskbar) then you right click the file in your windows explorer and one of the options will be "Copy Public URL". You click that and then you can paste it into any web document including a post on any web forum or an email.

    I don't recommend you make anything public they would mess with you about, like a rip of a DVD of a brand new movie, but you can. Your files cannot besearched for by search engines like Google or whatever, I've tried. Without that specific URL nobody gets the file, though they can share the URL of course.

    There are a couple examples out of mine, as you can see they are https which is always good of course. The eight digit number is your unique identification and is based on your email.

    If you have a computer at work, and your love shack and wherever in the world, once your Dropbox account is installed on them all files you drag in oneach computer will be automatically downloaded to all computers using youraccount.

    A computer dude turned me onto it, said he uses it for drivers and utilities, but I see people on Usenet and other places using it as well. Security ?I simply don't know but since the government snoops on everything it can'tbe any worse than anything else.
  4. amdx

    amdx Guest

    You can post schematics on alt.binaries.schematics.electronic
    then direct people there to see your schematic.
    Some IPs don't allow alt.binaries groups so you might not find
    it to add to your groups.
    When Knology dropped newsgroups I went with Eternal-September,
    works fine.
  5. Lee

    Lee Guest

    +1 for Dropbox and for those unwilling or unable to install it as an
    application on a PC, it can be used just fine from the web without
    installing anything.
    (Providing you don't mind making an account, of course ;) )

    The other advantage is that there are Dropbox clients for both iOS and
    Android, which can be really handy sometimes ;)

  6. Your ISP generally supplies some space, to do with as you wish. And you
    can use that for a webpage, or even simpler, just put the image in
    public_html and it will be viewable by the world. That's the neat thing
    about URLs, you can then put the URL to that image in your message, and
    then people can view the image, though not necessarily directly.

    Of course, the internet has changed and everyone wants to use the cheapest
    ISP which perhaps no longer offers such things, especially not when all
    kinds of businesses are offering "free" services. So that creates more
    reason for ISPs to not provide some space, and soon the internet will be
    one big commercial bundle.

  7. Leif Neland

    Leif Neland Guest

    John A kom med denne ide:
    besides dropbox, theres facebook and twitter. is also an option.

  8. <-snip->

    But, the NSA will probably have a copy of it before you logout out of
    Dropbox . . .
  9. Here


    you can upload a picture of the schematic without any need to open an
    abe posted like the above one.


  10. Guest

    "But, the NSA will probably have a copy of it before you logout out of
    Dropbox . . . "

    Of course. The probably got a copy of it beforehand.

    You know eventually someone is going to sue the government over this, and by someone I mean a corporation. They will sue for damages for the expenses incurred transmitting sensitive information via courier on disk or thumbdrives and shit because it is not yet copyrighted.

    They will most likely win, as it is illegal to use any encryption the US government cannot break, plus the fact the NSA employees have misused their power to stalk Women and shit like that.

    Doubt it ? Hey, this is the USA. Wait until they start suing from other countries in world courts. You think it ain't gonna happen you just keep on thinking that.

    What's more, Narus and Verint are largely controlled by foreign entities not sworn to the US government for secrecy, just like those folks who handle your credit and medical records in India and elsewhere.
  11. Guest

    I may have made a mistake, I think it is illegal to SELL any encryption the US government cannot break.
  12. Leif Neland

    Leif Neland Guest

    tastede følgende:
    Are you comparing women to shit?
    On the other hand, is capitalizing "Woman" a sign of respect?

  13. Guest

    "These regs are not as draconian as they were a decade or so ago"

    Well that shows you how up to date I am on this shit. I do remember them being real pricks about it. The only reason the probably laxed on it is that they are cocky and think the can decript anything. They also think the can whup Russia, China, Iran and India all in one fell swoop with half of SouthAmerica up their ass, but there's no accounting for brains. They think because they can bug the UN they can run the show. The UN is pissed, but not enough to move. Besides, they tap evertything everywhere and I don't see howpeople in other countries couldn't stop that. Oh well, I will die not knowing every secret of the internet.

    Bummer eh ?
  14. Guest

    "Are you comparing women to shit?
    On the other hand, is capitalizing "Woman" a sign of respect? "

    I wrote "and shit like that" referring to like what they are doing implying they are probably doing more shit that just hasn't been revealed as of yet.

    I capitalise Man, Woman, Aunt, Uncle, Mother, Father, Constitution and a few other things. I do not capitalise political parties and shit like that.

    Am I comparing political parties to shit ?

  15. amdx

    amdx Guest

    You can also use Photobucket.
    Like this schematic I have.

  16. Guest

    OK, now we have given a practical plethora of options here, where's the print ?
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