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Is it possible to Flash Eprom....

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by neolly, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. neolly

    neolly Guest


    I got a sony CPD-E220 Monitor.You might know sony doesn't even car
    on crt monitors.My monitor does'nt work,when it boots it shuts dow
    itself(tik sound heared) and the led changes to i took to
    service center,they told the Eprom has been corrupted(even checked wit
    in-built diagnosis,no display :( ).The tech guy quote me pretty hig
    price which imo not worthy!.I decided to do some research and do i
    myself.this way work out much cheaper

    found the eprom chip M24C16BN6
    found the software needed @

    guys,i need some clarifications

    First of all,could this be eprom corruption or chip damage?

    It is possible and good idea to do this way?any complex work needed?(
    got the eprom program in hex format and the chip)

    If possible,how to flash them?any specific method needed?

    How abt the error rate?if any prob occur for eg:bad flash will it spoi
    the monitor?

    Thanks in advanc
  2. John Bachman

    John Bachman Guest

    You need an Eprom programmer such as the one we offer at

    AnaTek Corporation
    The Electronic Repair Center at
  3. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

  4. Jonathan

    Jonathan Guest

    Weird, sounds more like a faul causing the PSU to shut down, either that or
    it's not detecting (or recieving) the signal from the PC. I think EPROMS are
    the last place to look. That service shop might be trying to rip you off.
    Get a second opinion.

  5. dan_etronic

    dan_etronic Guest

    if ticking, the first circuit to check is horizontal deflection and
    then power supply, but if you know nothing about repairs leave it to
    profesional engineer.... it can be little thing, but don't have to....
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