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Is anybody coming to the lecture on the NBN?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Gordon Levi, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. Gordon Levi

    Gordon Levi Guest

    There is an Australian Computer Society sponsored lecture on the
    benefits of the National Broadband Network in Melbourne on 3 August
    <>. I hope that some of you "NBN skeptics"
    will be there to ask questions.
  2. atec77

    atec77 Guest

    Apart from creating work for a bunch of us there is sfa benificial about
    the nbn
  3. B J Foster

    B J Foster Guest

    Nah, I have a council cleanup coming up & I can't spare the time.
  4. David Segall

    David Segall Guest

    It's an ACS sponsored lecture from someone who clearly has the
    background to understand the issues. I posted the information in the
    hope that someone who believes that "there is sfa beneficial about the
    nbn" will attend and demonstrate their superior knowledge.
  5. Addinall

    Addinall Guest

    Not that any member of the ACS has a fucking clue...
    But yes, I'll come. Get them to buy me a ticket,
    and accomodation for a night, and I'll do it
    for free.

    Mark Addinall.
  6. B J Foster

    B J Foster Guest

    If anyone can quantify the benefits, he should offer his services to
    Conroy who is under siege being challenged by rational people to justify
    spending $37b+ of taxpayers money. If Conroy is willing to spend $24m on
    a business *plan*, imagine what he'd pay for a business *case*!

    And yesterday, I discovered that Roxon is spending $466m on e-Health in
    the NEXT TWO YEARS. E-Health is cited ad-nauseum as a reason to have an
    NBN but now we are discovering that it is another big black hole into
    which Labor pours taxpayers money. If the NBN was so beneficial would it
    not make e-Health easier and *cheaper*?

    Bottom line:
    No-one can justify spending 5-10 times what is needed to build an NBN.
    At this point, time would be better spent working out a new plan for 2
    years time, when we kick these idiots out.

    Everyone knows the benefits of the *internet* in general. Who wants to
    listen to a bunch of Labor sycophants dishonestly attributing the
    benefits of the *internet* to a misconceived overpriced white elephant?

    Organise a debate (not a lecture) on the economic benefits of 100Mbps
    versus 12Mbps and it *might* be of some interest.
  7. atec77

    atec77 Guest

    Supply free air tickets and accomodation , otherwise I don't need to
    prove the current nbn is off kilter as anyone working on it knows that
    already although I note you are currently in denial that can be addressed .
  8. Metro

    Metro Guest

    Any refreshments? For 20 bucks there should be.
  9. terryc

    terryc Guest

    Unfortunately Yes, but then they were never any hinderance throughout my
    career and flagged a few deadbeat organisations(job requires ACS
  10. atec77

    atec77 Guest

    Yes and all three members self recommend highly
  11. B J Foster

    B J Foster Guest

    Don't knock them - you do one of their courses of only a few weeks
    duration and you can be an ACP.

    The university path to big bucks takes 4 years - and you get the same
    number of letters - some of them lower case!!! The universities need a
    wake up call - how will we fill the skills shortage at this rate?
  12. Addinall

    Addinall Guest

    As long as they pay my ticket, overnight accommodation and expenses, I
    don't mind giving a talk to some feeble-minded fat arsed wankers.

    But I expect it will be a jolly day out for said feeble-minded fat arsed
    wankers in Canberra to have a mutual wank, and a nice glass of bubbly...

    Mark Addinall
    Founder, and first Chairman, AUUG - QLD.
  13. Addinall

    Addinall Guest


    **** that was SOOOOO funny!!!

    Aren't they the ding-bats that declared TCP/IP dead a decade ago?

    Mark Addinall.
  14. Gordon Levi

    Gordon Levi Guest

    Of course I would pay but it seems that you wouldn't even be able to
    get to the right city.
  15. Addinall

    Addinall Guest

    So, pay for the ticket fat-arse.

    Mark Addinall.
  16. Another Labour Government Initative, what's the Point.
    They've turned something that could have been quite useful
    into something absolutly useless.

    What's the point of a Fibre Optic Cable when it's slower than the
    service I have right now and the usage is 1/8th what I get now, and
    would cost me $10 more for that privelidge.

    So what's the point of a Super fast Broadband.
    I'd have to have my head read to say 'yes' please sign me up, and
    make it pronto.

    Home Insulation, Disaster
    School Halls, Disaster
    Laptops for School kids, Disaster
    Solar Panels, Disaster
    Set Top Boxes, train wreck waiting to happen
    National Broadband Network, train wreck waiting to happen

    Carbon Tax, Reserve Judgement

    If you don't Understand it, Don't vote for it
    If you understand it, you'd never vote for it.
    ::paul Keating
    There wull be no Carbon Tax under the Government I lead
    ::Julia Gillard
  17. Gordon Levi

    Gordon Levi Guest

    I would prefer to pay for someone who has not demonstrated that they
    are inadequate for the task. You have already shown that you could not
    find the meeting by indicating that you believe it is in Canberra
    instead of Melbourne. Now you signify that you are unwilling to change
    your preconceived ideas by drawing conclusions about the size of my
    arse without seeing it.
  18. David Segall

    David Segall Guest

    I did. That is why I said that "a jolly day out for said feeble-minded
    fat arsed wankers in Canberra" _indicated_ that he thought the meeting
    was in Canberra. A different interpretation is possible. Do you have a
    plausible one?
  19. atec77

    atec77 Guest

    So in truth this exerpt of yours read as ""Having been called and
    caught out I am unwilling to risk the shame of certainly being handed my
    arse by an well armed mentally superior person who actually knows the
    facts and I am now going to fake excuses and run away ""

    levi you are a cockspank who brought a blunt stick to a gun fight
  20. Addinall

    Addinall Guest

    Phhhttt... Don't you ever get sick of me handing you your fat arse in

    Did I? Sure? Or are you reading minds again?
    Are you going to give a talk on eHealth? That
    should be worth the trip. That was sarcasm BTW.

    You know that as well?

    Mark Addinall.
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