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IRQ Problem with MiniLAB and Windows XP Home Edition:

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by M. Kincheloe, Dec 14, 2004.

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  1. M. Kincheloe

    M. Kincheloe Guest

    We are using a USB controller called a 'miniLab' and a Dell PC to run a
    machine. Here's a link to the device's home page.

    The miniLab comes with modules you can use in VB and others, which we
    used to make a simple VB application to control the machine. It works
    very well except one problem. When the machine is left on over night
    (just idling, not activly doing anything) an error is displayed 'Cannot
    install interrupt handler. IRQ already in use.' According to the
    user's manual 'The miniLab relies upon the Microsoft Human Interface
    Device (HID) class drives. The HID class drivers ship with every copy
    of Windows that is designed to work with USB ports.' One speculative
    cause of the problem was that this communication channel gets reset or
    times out after a certain length of inactivity. Does anyone have any
    information about this inner workings of the HID class? Or any
    experience with a simular problem? Or suggestions on alternate places
    to post me question?

    Thanks in advance,

    Matthew Kincheloe
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