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IRDA problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Anand Dhuru, Oct 8, 2003.

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  1. Anand Dhuru

    Anand Dhuru Guest

    Please excuse the OT-ish nature of this post. Its just that I find so
    many people with diverse areas of knowledge on this forum, I'm hoping
    I'd get some advice.

    I built a home brew IRDA adapter for my PC (PIII running Windows XP)
    an HP HSDL 1000.

    Now, the PC can establish connection with my notebook over the IRDA,
    does not recognize my Nokia 8210.

    On the other hand, the notebook (Pentium 133 MHz running Windows 98)
    to have no problems with the Nokia, *or* the PC.

    I suspect the hardware I built works, as the PC and Notebook work fine
    each other.

    Another problem I notice is, once the PC recognises the notebook, it
    showing the connection even after the notebook is taken away.

    Could these problems be linked?

    And what, if any, could be the solution?!

    I would greatly appreciate your advice here.
  2. Mantra

    Mantra Guest

    I believe the Nokia expects a SyncML-based protocol while PCs and
    Notebooks use an IRDA-based networking stack.

  3. tim kettring

    tim kettring Guest

    You might try posting your question in the comp.homebuilt news-groups .

  4. Anand Dhuru

    Anand Dhuru Guest


    Thanks, but got the thing working; the HSDL 1000's internal LED
    (transmitter) wasnt giving out enough IR; just used the optional
    external IR with a IR LED, and have no problems with either the
    notebook, or the nokia now!


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