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IR USB device (Igor scheme) problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Ges, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. Ges

    Ges Guest

    I've decided to build an IR USB device, based on Igor Cesko's
    schematics (AVR)_eng.htm
    My choice was one with microprocessor.
    A guy skilled with electronics build it for me, and tested it in front
    of my eyes. On his PC everything worked like a charm, just like in
    Igor's tutorial.
    But problem now is that it wont work on my PC! I can't install a
    driver for it.
    After I've pluged it in USB, windows recognize it as IgorPlug-USB
    (AVR), and then i should install a driver. But when I direct windows
    to drivers directory, windows just say that that dir doesn't contain a
    driver for that device.

    So I've tried on my HP laptop. On it a different problem happens. A
    laptop recognises an IR device as "unknown usb device" and say that it
    isn't installed properly (but it doesn't mark it with yellow triangle
    with "!"). And it doesn't require drivers at all during installation.
    I've tryed to force driver install but same thing happens like on my

    So I've tried on third PC on my job. There everything installs and
    works fine, just like on tutorial.
    I'm confused...

    On all PCs I've used a same driver (IgorPlugUSB) downloaded from his

    Only possible difference is that first PC (from guy that build me an
    IR device) is old celeron with intel based motherboard. Other pc on
    which device worked was also with intel based motherboard. for laptop
    i don't know which chipset it uses, but my home PC is nforce4 based.
    Maybe problem is in mobo's usb controller?

    Please help!
  2. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    Usb device drivers don't need to be customised for different host
    hardware. maybe it's a windows version issue?

  3. Ges

    Ges Guest

    Jasen Betts je napisao/la:
    Well, both PCs on which it didn't work had most recent updated
    On ones on which worked were WinXP but not reinstalled more that 2

    I have to reinstall my windows first, to test it on pure fresh windows
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