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IR sensor - accuracy/precision

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Manimozhi Baskaran, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. I am using an IR sensor to sense the black ice and non black ice
    scenarios on the pavements. I find the sensor uses the ambient
    temperature to output the object voltage on its output pin. The response
    is not quick enough to sense and it detects the source temperature than
    the object temperature. Any experience on IR sensors with its object
    (ice) temperature Vs ambient temperature and the response time?

  2. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Hi, Mani. It seems you might have run into a fundamental problem.

    I believe research has been done on this for automotive applications
    using either thermopiles or silicon sensors which are mounted in a
    sealed enclosure with a refractive lens. They claim response time of
    better than 0.1 sec. You may have more luck by going this route, and
    then using an oven to keep the temperature of the enclosure constant.

    If Ed's interpretation of your munged ASCII circuit (last week's post,
    to which you did not respond) is correct, you've still got a couple of
    spare op amps on your LM324. You might want to use one of those with a
    thermistor to control a small resistive heater to maintain constant
    temp. Of course, this probably means the 9V battery is out.

    If you're actually interested, you also might want to indicate what
    you're using for an IR sensor. That's another loose end from your
    prior post.

    Some of the other regulars on s.e.b. have extensive engineering
    experience. If you would describe your problem in some detail, you
    might avail yourself of their help. And you might want to download
    AACircuit at

    to get good ASCII diagrams you can post on the newsgroups.

    Good luck
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