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IR Remote codes that alternate?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by David L. Jones, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. I'm looking at the data output from a Thomson RCT110S remote and the
    code is not consistent for the same button press. Instead it seems to
    alternate between codes for each press of that button. i.e, press "1"
    and I get one code, press "1" again and I get a different code, press
    "1" a third time and it goes back to the first code I got. Occasionally
    it will give me something else entirely and then go back to
    alternating, crazy.
    It does the same thing with both an IR receiver chip and a discrete
    photo transistor, so it's not the receiver chip going wonky.

    Another Thomson remote I have (RCT4130S) also does this.

    But all my other remotes (Sony HT, no name DVD, aircon etc) all give a
    single consistent code for the same button, as I'd expect.

    Anyone know what on earth the Thomson remote is doing?

    Dave :)
  2. It's how the receiver differentiates between you holding the button
    down, and pressing it multiple times. I thought all remotes did that.

    Clifford Heath.
  3. HKJ

    HKJ Guest

    Some codes does have a toggle bit, this bit toggles each time your start
    on a new keypress.
    Can show your curves for many different remote controls.
  4. Apparently not, all my other remotes send exactly the same code each
    time the same button is pressed. The Thomson seems to be the odd one

    Dave :)
  5. Ray

    Ray Guest

    Hi Dave,

    sounds pretty normal for an RC5 based remote.

    Real PITA if you try to use a 3rd party learning remote. You can turn
    the TV off, but not back on, unless you press a different code first.

    Cheers, Ray
  6. Thanks guys. Looks like I'll just have to "deal with it"!

    Dave :)
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