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IR controlled by relay switch

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by brizzy bloke, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. brizzy bloke

    brizzy bloke Guest

    I am a level C4 quadriplegic and use a box called a Envicom 10
    (Environmental Control Unit) It is used to control electrical appliances,
    such as a fan or a lamp etc, by use of a single puff switch. It has a row of
    red lights along the front, with each light representing each appliance,
    plugged into the back. A tube plugs into a puff switch also on the front
    panel, the other end of the tube leads over to my bed, so when I am in bed,
    I can puff into the tube. When I puff once, the first red light flashes on
    for a few seconds then goes off, then the next light, then the next and so
    on. There are ten lights and after the last light flashers, it goes back to
    the first light and it cycles through the lights about 20 times then stops.
    So I can make the lights cycle by one puff and then I puff when one of the
    lights is on and that appliance comes on or off. So for example, if I
    wanted to turn one the reading lamp, I would puff once, the lights move,
    then when the light gets to the reading lamp, I puff and it comes on. On the
    back of the unit, there is about 5 places to plug in appliances. Also on the
    back there are also places to plug in two bared wires, these are simple
    on/off relays for controlling things like triggering alarms, call buzzers
    etc. I think they are low voltage relays.

    I would like to control my air conditioner, but to turn on the air
    conditioner, I need to use the Remote Control which came with the aircon.
    So if I could wire the Envicom unit relay to the on/off button on my remote,
    I could control my aircon by puffing into the air tube in bed. Is there a
    gadget which has a relay input and a IR transmitter? I hope this hasn't
    confused people, but I'm wanting to find a solution. Any suggestions would
    be very much appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. I found these two with google,
    These Australian units and company look like they can do the job easily,
    and have been interfaced with an Envicom 10 unit.

    Where are you located?

    Also someone near you with electronics experience could
    open up your remote and hook up one of the low voltage
    on/off relays directly to the on/off button contacts inside
    the remote control itself.
    The feasibility of that would depend on if these relay
    outputs can be momentary on, and if not, how your remote and a/c
    unit deals with its on/off button being held down for at
    least a few seconds each time as you activate it on and off.

    You could also use a universal learning remote control,
    hack that one up to the relays and save pulling the
    original remote apart if that suits.

    Is it cooling only? Most modern aircon units have an 'override' switch,
    usualy a semi-hidden pushbutton under a panel, you may also
    find that if there is a way to jam or wire this button down,
    the aircon unit may come on in cooling mode set to ~21 degrees
    any time it has power.

    Anyway there's a few ideas, hope this helps!



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  3. Kevin Martin

    Kevin Martin Guest

    Try this web site. It is based in Melbourne, so you ought to get a
    reasonable response. He has a large range of kits, perhaps he will be
    able suggest a combination of them.


    Kevin Martin

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  4. Gordon W

    Gordon W Guest

    Have you tried TAD.
    TAD= technical aid to the disabled qld inc
    3216 1733

  5. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    It is possible that Technical Aids for the Disabled can assist you. This type of
    problem may already have a solution. If your group moniker indicates
    where you live then the Qld branch can be contacted via
  6. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    Sorry Gordon, I just sent off my post before reading your response to
    the OP, so your advice is duplicated.
  7. brizzy bloke

    brizzy bloke Guest

    I wrote originally
    Thankyou to those who replied to my question, you've been very helpful
  8. Matt H

    Matt H Guest

    Hi Brizzy Bloke,
    let us know how you go with the project

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