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Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by [email protected], Aug 13, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Am in New Zealand and contemplating IP security camera system with the
    provision of an IP telephone to make a new Broadband connection fully
    utilised. Are there any inherrent things to watch?

    Telecom in New Zealand has a veritable monopoly still and has
    systematically frustrated other providers access to its copper network,
    I am concerned the real advantage of what I propose will also be
    frustrated by lack of competitors here and trying to hook in to an
    operational system along the way I propose.

    My desire is to remotely monitor my home through, preferably, some sort
    of hand-held or, to a lesser extent, a remote computer.

    Anyone have any ideas on a good source of supply to Australia or New
  2. Celso Lujan

    Celso Lujan Guest

    You might want to check out our systems, which are fully LAN
    compatable. We do intrusion detection, alarm monitoring, and video
    surveillance over an IP connection. We use a telephone line for sending
    an alarm to a beeper, which then alerts us to look at the video. You
    could use the LAN connection to send an email to a beeper; however, our
    experience has been that the straight telephone connection will reach us
    in about 40 seconds, while the email takes as long as two minutes. For
    prompt response the telephone is preferable. You can view our system by
    getting on your favorite browser and in the locator bar type in

    You can view the camera by clicking left mouse button in the black area
    (outside the displayed windows) and select cameras.

    This is one of many possible ways to accomplish this; however, our
    systems are very cost competitive. Email me if you have questions, at

    Good luck,
    Celso Lujan
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