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Ionic Breeze Quadra Repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Marc, Dec 1, 2003.

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  1. Marc

    Marc Guest

    Has anyone repaired one of these POS? Sharper Image does not sell any
    parts for their junk. The internal wire broke when the unit was
    attemted to be cleaned internally (accumulates a lot of dust inside). I
    am trying to find out what that wire is: platinum, tungsten, or some
    other alloy that can easily be bought from some local commercial outfit
    or somehow ordered. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  2. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    It's probably just a steel piano wire. If all else fails perhaps you could
    buy a new identical one then return the broken one in it's box.
  3. Make sure to switch the part of the case with the S/N...
    not like I've ever _done_ anything like that before...;)
  4. Hi.

    Unfortunately, I also bought a couple of these wildly
    overpriced pieces of flimsy Chinese garbage. The secret
    ingredient in this Sharper Image product is Profit. Even the
    owner's manual is cheap inadequate junk.

    Having said that, I have a couple of -real- electronic air
    cleaners made by the no-BS company Trion. For the
    uninitated, Trion made the air cleaners used in our nuclear
    (pronounced as it is spelled, Mr. Bush, "NOO-KLEE-AR")
    submarines. Unlike Sharper Image, their product support was
    excellent. The ionization wire they used sure looked like
    piano wire to me, a substance that I know very well. Unlike
    Sharper Image, being a "real" serious manufacturer, Trion
    was never so good at blowing their own horn.

    My suggestion is simply take the old wire over to a piano
    tuner and ask him/her to sell you a length of the same
    stuff: the tuner should be able to match the diameter. The
    only positive things that I can say about Sharper Image's
    "thing" is that the use of a plastic bead to clean the wire
    is brilliant. What's also brilliant is the amazing
    advertising spin that emenates from that company --
    carefully crafted to be enticing hype and just legal at the
    same time.

    I know that Consumer Reports has tested these "things"
    twice, and found them worthless at air cleaning each time. I
    must differ. The units do, indeed, trap dust particles on
    their rods, which clean up easily. You get a few hours of
    down time as their inaccessible cavities air-dry (stingy,
    stingy plastic saving). Dust is also trapped on all their
    hard-to-clean plastic surfaces like the grilles. In
    addition, most of the charged dust particles happen to
    settle out on surfaces all over my room: that's what keeps
    my air clean: dust all over everything else. One can get the
    same dust coating from a cheap air ionizer. The product
    emits ozone that stinks up my room at any but the lowest
    setting. Ozone, of course, is well known as an respiratory
    irritant: Sharper Image, however, calls their emission,

    My Ionic Breezes also have jewels labeled "cleaning
    indicator." These have never come on. Other people have
    posted about these lights: they don't seem to work for
    anyone. I know that it is time to wash the rods when the
    units emit a menacing resonant buzz.

    Trion is now a division of Fedders. Although you won't find
    these nifty no-nonesense air cleaners on their web site, you
    can still buy their US-made console air cleaning machine at
    a decent price (Sears no longer sells them under their own
    name). It is the size of a medium-sized floor-standing
    loudspeaker. I can vouch for the fine performance of this
    machine. Two or three grades of consumable "gas and odor"
    filters are made for them, too. These filters not only
    absorb household odors, they also absorb the ozone emitted
    by the machine itself. If you have one, you know how well
    they work! These things really get dirt out of the air and
    don't drop it all over your house. I recently called the
    Trion part of Fedders, and I reached an excellent support
    person. I was very pleased, indeed.

    Needless to say, SI has seen the last of my dollars. Good
    luck with your wires.

  5. Bob

    Bob Guest

    Piano wire may be available at your local hobby shop. It's used
    in model airplane construction.

  6. Marc

    Marc Guest

    Thanks, I'll go and buy a piece and try to repair this thing....
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