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Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by PhotoMan, May 8, 2004.

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  1. PhotoMan

    PhotoMan Guest

    I'm about 85% electro-idiot; understanding just about enough to keep me out
    of trouble. Scenario: I have a new Compaq laptop I wish to use in my car
    for downloading files from my digicam. I also have a year-old RayoVac
    inverter rated at 350W, 120V, 3A continuous output which I'd like to use for
    AC power for the computer, and to recharge the LiIon batteries for the
    camera. Is the sine wave output of the inverter likely to be too 'impure'
    for this usage?

    Joe Arnold
  2. Probably not

    I use a 400 watt 29 dollar auto zone inverter to charge my camera and laptop
    lithium batteries and RC Ni-Cads for the last two years without problems.

  3. Andy in Fink

    Andy in Fink Guest

    The inverter is probably a "modified sine wave" type, as all the present
    models are now. This give a waveform with both the proper RMS value
    and the proper peak value. I have not found any trouble at all in using it
    for VCRs and Computers. However, remember that the AC output
    is FLOATING , and the equipment should not be grounded to the
    inverter input ground.

    I would suggest trying it out while the computer is still in warranty. I am
    sure it will work, but, if it doesn't, you will have an option.....

    Andy W4OAH
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