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Inverter Installation (Car)

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by David, May 15, 2004.

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  1. David

    David Guest

    Planning to install a 450W inverter in the trunk of my vehicle. Running 15'
    of #6 which should keep voltage drop within reason. What would be the
    disadvantages of using the chassis for the return to negative versus running
    a separate #6 wire.
  2. David

    David Guest

    Your right Greg, the jumper is only a #8. Although I believe that would be
    sufficient for the maximum amperage I would draw. The #6 I ran was to
    minimize voltage drop only.

    Anything else I should be concerned with. For example, let's assume that my
    inverter was considerably larger (I realize a separate battery placed closer
    to the inverter would be the practical solution... but again just as an
    example), and I replaced the jumper wire to an appropriate size. Lets also
    assume my draw was in excess of 100A. Excluding any battery related issues,
    would the vehicle chassis still be a good path for the current or is there a
    point where directly connected positive and negative lines would make more
  3. bushbadee

    bushbadee Guest

    Always close the power loop not to include other circuitry with a seperate
    line so as not to introduce cross modulation and noise.
  4. David

    David Guest

    Thanks for the input Greg & bushbadee.

    Was originally planning to run only the positive line, but will now run
    both... still not totally clear of the impact of using the chassis for
    negative but just can't wait to research anymore.

    Btw, I understand the possible noise issue, although it might be
    limited/reduced to some degree after going through the inverter. But could
    you explain cross modulation... sounds interetsting.
  5. calhoun

    calhoun Guest

    I have a 2Kwatt inverter mounted in a side mount tool box of my pick up.
    This is hooked up to an isolated battery. Ran 2-0 cable to a 150amp fusible
    link to the battery positive. Ran a 2-0 to the frame. Works fine even at
    maximum draw. Battery negative is 2-0 to the frame.
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