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inverter for a 12 volts DC to a 22 or 24 volts AC ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by rimbaudjet, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. rimbaudjet

    rimbaudjet Guest

    Hi everybody,

    I'm trying to find a powersupply or a inverter to connect a small
    icebox system based on a Sawafuji compressor swing motor. This icebox
    will be installed inside a Westfalia camper.

    This system need a 22 or 24 volts AC power. I didn't find anything on

    anything to suggest ??

  2. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Have you considered getting a largish automotive inverter to give you a
    line voltage output, and then just using a power transformer?

  3. rimbaudjet

    rimbaudjet Guest


    Why not ? But maybe i can loose power in this conversion. Going from 12
    V DCto 110 VAC volts and downgrade to 22 VAC ???? Also, not sure that
    could work with that kind of special motor.

    I found that I can purchase the original powersupply for this unit, but
    they sold that for 250$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Hi, Remi. Yes, you'll lose quite a bit of power (probably around half
    of the total battery power consumed) by using this method. Also, since
    your inverter is driving an inductive load, you'll end up losing even

    It might be that the $250 solution might not be the worst way to solve
    your problem.

    But, if the general, all-purpose "buy an automotive inverter and just
    use the 120VAC" doesn't sound good, and money's a little tight, you
    might want to at least give a little more information. You could start
    with the motor current requirement -- it should be on the nameplate of
    the motor. Also, you might want to describe more about your 12VDC
    source -- is this a car, a free-standing automotive battery, a gel
    cell, 8 "D" batteries in series, or what? Any additional information
    might help.

    By the way, please bottom post. Since you're a Google person, please
    read Google Groups Help Topic "What's good 'netiquette' when posting to

    Good luck
  5. rimbaudjet

    rimbaudjet Guest

    I just found this text on the net.

    It seams that Chris idea isn't so bad....
    I'll investigate this solution.....

    There's any technical spec on the body of compressor. I'll try to ask
    to the japan company.... My source is a 12 volts DC depth cycle
    batterie in a camping car. I read that kind of device need 3 amp/hres
    for a small icebox.

  6. If this unit is designed for campers it probably needs it's own special
    inverter which runs from 12 VDC. What frequencies is it designed to run at?
    What is the start up surge?
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