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Inverted colors after an (almost) successful iPod Touch repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by passerby, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. passerby

    passerby Guest

    Anyone here with iPod repair experience?

    Taking this thing (iPod Touch, 2nd version) apart was a separate long story
    but it turned out that putting it back together is yet another challenge.
    Needed to replace a faulty battery. For that the glass touch screen, the LCD
    and the metal bracket had to come off. The darn thing had all parts glued
    together with thin layer of what looks like non-drying silicon goo. Mr. Jobs
    *REALLY* didn't want me to repair his products, I gather. As if I needed
    another reminder never to buy Apple devices... But I digress.

    Took some gentle prying of the parts apart and praying that LCD won't crack
    while I was doing that. So, I soldered the new battery, put all parts back in
    the reverse order and - bingo! Everything came back to life except for one
    thing: the colors on the display are now inverted. What gives? The LCD module
    seems to be a self-contained digital display with serial communication through
    its connector (way too few contacts for anything else) - so if I put it back
    wrong or if it's a bad connection, you would think the whole display won't
    work. Needless to say, I re-connected the ribbon cable several times to no

    Does anyone have and idea of what hardware issue associated with
    disconnecting/reconnecting the LCD module can lead to inverted colors?


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  2. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    Could there have been a settings change to a hard-of-seeing option ?
  3. Leif Neland

    Leif Neland Guest

    passerby udtrykte præcist:
    Could it be a reversed polarizing filter in front of the screen? Or
    perhaps I am totally confusing technologies...

  4. passerby

    passerby Guest

    responding to

    Thank you for your replies, guys! I did think about a polarized filter of
    sorts because it does in fact look like a polarized filter got reversed! But
    there's only one orientation of the glass that it can possibly go back to and
    the mylar backing (never heard of polarized backing, but who knows) stayed on
    the LCD all the time, 'cause it was glued. In other words, if anything is
    polarized, it went right back to the original orientation, so should not have
    caused any issue.

    I looked around for a different color scheme (better visibility option) - but
    could not locate any. Sorry, not a big iPod user - it's my son's device. If
    there's such a software option that can reverse colors, please advise.

  5. Paul Drahn

    Paul Drahn Guest

    What exactly do you mean by "reversed colors"? You need a color pallet
    for the device to know how the colors relate. Problem could be just a
    single connection to the display that is not making contact.

  6. passerby

    passerby Guest

    responding to
    "Inverted" was the best I could describe it. For example, when the iPod
    starts, there should be a white apple on black background. It's now black
    apple on white. I can kind of sort of see the menus but they look washed out
    (although black text is still black, which is weird). Sometimes it might look
    like one of the colors (most likely green) is missing, but then on some
    screens you would see a bit of green anyway (for example, the battery icon is
    green or yellow green anyway). All the icons are in wrong/odd colors

    If this was a VGA display and it was behaving like that, I would have thought
    a single connection is missing, too. V and H are fine - all shapes are
    correct, I definitely see blue and red. Green looks weird or missing, so I
    would go search for a problem with the G connection. But this is a digital LCD
    display, I don't believe it's controlled by the same principal. So, if the
    connector was off, the whole thing would probably be dark or at least look
    seriously messed up.

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