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intergrated circuits

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Malcolm Francis, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. I need to find a database that gives information on types of IC's and their

    Can any one help.
  2. Use your favorite search engine. Enter the part number and see what
    comes up.
  3. jim dorey

    jim dorey Guest

    or go to a site like and soak up their pdf's, i'm planning
    purchases there so i've been suckin em down, planning to buy there puts me
    in a position of not really being a leech, how bout you?
  4. Rich

    Rich Guest

    Hi Malcom.

    Try and put "Integrated Circuits (IC's)" into
    the search window and hit the Go button. The links on the next page
    are grouped by function to provide a great overview of available IC's.
    You can get the fine details by looking at the data sheets of specific

  5. Well, I have hundreds of paper data books, a pile of CDROMs and a few
    thousand PDFs on my hard rive so I rarely have to look for new data
    sheets unless it is for something I am reverse engineering. I am
    scanning the indexes in the paper databooks and using OCR to convert it
    to searchable text. I have a link on my favorite browser's toolbar that
    takes me to an HTML index of all my PDF datasheets and can open any of
    them in a couple clicks. Having worked in manufacturing and repair for
    almost 40 years I consider them another tool for the bench.
  6. Boris Mohar

    Boris Mohar Guest

  7. Yeah, most people don't realize what a URL can do. It's a URL, uniform
    resource locator. So you can put a reference to your C:\etc\whatever
    drive there too.

    Hey, Mike. It's been a year since they filed a lawsuit against this
    spamming Ocala resident, might even be a nearby neighbor to you.
    Usually by the time a year passes, there is some legal action in the
    courts, so there should be something happening to this spammer by now.
    I googled but didn't find anything.

  8. I take it back. I finally did find something about this spammer. Oof!
    Microsoft got a judgment against him for over $14 million! Verrry good,
    but he'll never pay. The only way to get justice is to throw the
    spammers in jail and throw the key away!

    Well, you might check out his house and see it it's up for sale!
    Trouble is that Florida has very lax bankruptcy regs so you can get away
    with something like this. Just ask O.J.!

  9. There are two phone listings for his name in the new phone book. I
    can look up the county tax records, but I doubt someone like this owned
    a home.
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