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Interfacing to parallel port dongle via USB adapter

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Paul E. Schoen, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    AFAIR the Dell desktop was around $550, with Dual-Core and 2GB RAM,
    _with_ warranty, remote diagnostics and all that. Keyboard and mouse
    came with it but sans monitor. The 24h helpline really does work.

    I think nowadays they even have one with similar processor and less RAM
    for $299 but that's probably from their consumer group. No idea what
    level of support that would include.
  2. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    It was during configuration where I often have to do some weird stuff.
    Like starting scans via a command that comes in on the LAN. Most PCs
    initially do not like that.

    The support was actually pretty good but the accent was definitely Hindi.

    That can work very well if they have the know-how. But not at 10:00pm I
  3. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    Microsoft OS
    There. Fixed that for you.

    At the same time that M$ is trying to push mostly-unfinished crap,
    you have to get out your machete to get thru all the glowing reviews
    that follow the releases of OS X and Ubuntu versions.

    ....and WRT Dell (I note Jan Panteltje's post):
    They are the closest thing I see to the Mom & Pop shops
    when it comes to giving the customer what he wants.
    (You've already mentioned the Ships-with-XP option.)

    They also have several business Linux options
    (software support thru 3rd parties)
    and there is a pre-installed Ubuntu option for individuals.
    Their Ubuntu rollout wasn't spectacular because of a plain vanilla
    --without even a simple script included/enabled
    ....and, of course, all the bitching was due to *software patents*
    and the things those screw up.

    The fact that Dell ships pre-installed Linux of *any* flavor,
    however, means that all the hardware has Linux device drivers
    so, if you don't like Dell's install or choice of distro,
    you can just install *your* favorite (without rebooting 42 times).

    I'm wondering what JT is going to do with all those copies of XP
    when M$ decides to shut down their XP activation servers
    to try to extort everyone yet again
    and force purchases of the latest version of their crapware.
    If you surf with JavaScript disabled,
    just insert &no_d2=1 into any Slashdot URLs.
  4. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Yes, they have the feel of a mom&pop shop and I like that. Heck, they
    even offer to remove the loboto-ware and nagware off of the PC.

    No idea what it is with those servers. I bought three PCs with XP so far
    and fully configured them without any registration in Redmond. I just
    keep the license stickers in the respective manila folders like usual.
    My old rule is to configure PCs with the LAN cable unplugged. Always.
    Oh, and no auto-updates or any of that. Except for anti-virus software,
    of course, but that isn't from Microsoft.

  5. Regardless, that was the only way certain software apps were sold for
    about a ten year period. For you not to know that really says a lot
    about your experiences.

    The dongle was not about a lack of professionalism, idiot. It was
    about KEEPING things professional and keeping authentication where it
    belongs... somewhere besides within the software itself. To keep
    software theft to a minimum, that segment of the industry used dongles.

    You're lucky it didn't catch on, or we might all have a USB dongle stick
    on our machines where everything from the OS to a text editor might need
    a chip added to the stick.

  6. You're a fucking retard. What are you going to do when that is all there
    is available?

    When we all changed to toilet paper, did your family keep using their
    left forefinger to wipe their asses for another 50 years before they
    finally realized there was something newer and better in use all over the

  7. Bullshit. Intel surpassed AMD with their last iteration of CPUs, and
    for math, the CELL CPU included in IBM cell blades and the PS3 computer
    will run circles around ANY PC on the planet! By nearly a factor of ten!

    You want fast simulations? Run it on a PS3 or a PS3 cluster.
  8. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Nope. Why then did OrCad SDT sell sans dongle? In Europe they sold with
    dongle so while I was living there I bought it in the US. Very simple.
    SPICE was sold without dongle. Same with all the beam field simulators
    and so on. So, tell us, which software was there that someone you deem
    "experienced" would have absolutely needed and where there was no
    non-dongle alternative?

    Right. And then the printer wouldn't work anymore or the whole stack of
    dongles broke the D-Sub off. Seen it several times. Very professional
    indeed. The worst one was where the stack cracked the first dongle in
    line and the SW mfg balked at replacing it without forking over a major
    wad of cash. Also very professional, ain't it?

    There are reasons why it diodn't catch on. Some them were outlined in
    this here thread ;-)

  9. Idiot! They are in banks! So it would be 1 and 3... 2 and 4.

    You never were very bright.

  10. You do not know anyone here, much less any degree of "cheapness" they
    might possess.
  11. Peter

    Peter Guest

    That reminds me...

    In the 1990s I paid some 5 digits for Xilinx software, for some
    specific consultancy projects I used to do then. One of the dongles
    (two of them) failed but they would not replace it. So I found some
    Russian who cracked it. I ended up with cracked Viewlogic 4 (Xilinx
    version) and XACT 6.something. All undongled! Last time I used it was
    1996 but it would still run today. The only problem was Viewlogic
    which required an 8514-emulating video card to do 1024x768; I still
    have the mach32 video card which did that...

    This kind of issue is why I still use Protel PCB 2.8 - I have the
    dongle but I picked up a patch in 1995. Runs on my latest PC fine.

    I also have a box full of Autocad dongles from the 1980s...

    Generally, one can patch the program to avoid the dongle check and
    this is the easiest way.
  12. Grow a brain, idiot. The computer industry does indeed extend past your
    bedroom you know. There are greater implications that just running Internet
    Explorer and Outlook Express.
    Believe it or not, some people make entire companies out of writing
    software, and more importantly they're NOT called Microsoft.

    Since you simply don't understand, I'll try to explain. (listen carefully,
    I'm not going to use crayon).

    He (the OP) will do what everyone else will do. Downgrade to XP.

    We're planning to stay with XP for the next few years (2-3 years perhaps?)
    and we're absolutely guaranteed to see the arse end of commercially available
    XP very, very soon (if not already).

    We can legally run an earlier version of windows on boxes with Vista
    licences here, and WILL do that, regardless of what M$ or you tell us what we
    "should" have.

    For the time being, for new boxes, we have limited choices (all are vista
    except for a few exceptions), but get our suppliers to do the XP downgrade
    where applicable for us.

    We're buying lots of hardware over the year, so we have that sort of clout
    (as opposed to joe average who buys one unit every few years). And where
    that's not possible, we install the OS ourselves (though prefer not to due to
    time constraints).

    At the end of the day, it's more important to us that we have computers that
    actually *work* rather than lots of very inefficient room heaters that make
    wirring noises, and have sexy blue lights.

    We have lots of software at this stage that does not work under vista, and
    from the initial looks of things will never work, short of an upgrade.

    So, until ALL the software we have has been tested to work under Vista, like
    the OP: Vista is not acceptable to us either.
  13. Unfortunately, this is not a legal option. When you have dozens of licences
    to handle, it makes it a little more difficult.

    Presently for Autocad, (and other cad offerings) we have a licence server
    that dishes out licences to users as they run the software up.

    Short of upgrading our servers, (before we test it, and transfer everything
    over first) that's going to continue to work.

    Running hacked versions concurrently with documented legal paid licences
    doesn't cut it, it's still technically piracy, and we simply can't afford to
    wear the fines if it came to that.

    The legals are much more grey when you are running software where the vendor
    doesn't actually exist anymore (so there's no-one to chase you), but all of
    that is upgraded as we go along anyway, so is still a moot point.
  14. I do not run either, you fucking retarded twit.
    Oh boy! A lot of them develop on MS tools. A lot of them develop FOR
    MS tools. Many work in the Unix/Linux realm. Whoopie fucking doo. That
    still does not mean that you know a goddamned thing about what I know
    about the industry.
    Yet another invalid horseshit spew.
    Oh boy! You should have become a comedian! Not! You're an idiot,
    Johnny. Your little barbs prove that.
    I have every windows OS since v3 here, and I still have hardware that
    everything runs on. I also have a modern PC, and it runs a modern OS.
    That OS, in this case, is Vista, and it runs fine, you fucking retard.
    That has nothing to do with Internet Explorer (I do not do the web,
    idiot), nor does it have anything to do with outlook express (I do not do
    MS mail clients either, idiot).

    I also have Alpha, and PPC machines and OSes associated with them.
    You have no clue as to what I do or do not know about the computer realm.
    You are, in fact, so far behind that you will never catch up.

    Good for you, idiot.
    No shit. It is no longer needed for any of the new PCs being made,
    I didn't say a goddamned thing about "what you should have". I think
    you have had a lobotomy, however, and you act as if you need Lithium or
    Thorazine to supplement the lobotomy.
    Yeah, and you are so fucking retarded that you pay them to do it to.
    We are buying a few million dollars worth of PCs alone. Our lab
    hardware and instrument budget is much higher.
    You are Johnny Retard Assumption Queen. You know nothing about me or
    anyone else. You have spent your entire life guessing as you go along. In
    this case, and as is usual with you... You are wrong.
    You are a pussy as well, I see. It is cheaper to do in house, unless
    you are poorly organized as a company. Is your company poorly organized,
    You are not just a pussy. You are also a retard.

    ALL of our PCs work.
    Lag behind the upgrade curve pussies as well, I see.

    You are not acceptable as an IT admin. I sure hope that is not what
    some idiot has you employed to do.
  15. Peter

    Peter Guest

    The original SDT was without a dongle, but I believe SDT/386 did come
    with one in Europe. We are talking c. 1993 now. I still run SDT/386
    (runs fine in a 640x480 DOS box) but purchased in the USA. If I was
    doing heavy schematic design I would knock up a DOS PC with an old
    Video-7 1280x1024 video card from Ebay. Such a 'workstation' would be
    unbeatable for speed and usability.

    The problem with Orcad - and incidentally this is another reason why
    so many users have gone on with hacked undongled copies of software
    they *bought* - is that while they has a brilliant DOS application,
    their windoze offerings were basically crap. I spent a year or two
    playing with Orcad for Windoze, here and there, trying to move over to
    it but it was full of bugs and the old SDT schematics did not move
    into the windoze version properly. Text labels would end up all over
    the place. Really stupid, since Orcad had control of the data and all
    undocumented fields etc so they could have done it properly. They
    presumably figured that forward compatibility would not matter, but
    they underestimated the market.

    That's why I never moved to later versions of Protel. They started
    bloating their products, putting in loads of bugs, and bloating the

    FPGA (Xilinx) software was always a problem with forward
    compatibility. I think this was why I stopped doing FPGA design - the
    tools were changing all the time and unless one was doing it all the
    time it was not worth the time and money. A lot of the early 1990s
    FPGA applications can now be so easily bit-banged with an AVR etc and
    then you have just the AVR assembler to keep running :)

    To answer the original poster here, I doubt any USB-parallel adapter
    will work because IIRC every application that used a dongle would
    bit-bang direct to the hardware. This worked as far as windoze 95 or
    so. The drivers for the USB chips are not that clever; I sell some in
    my business and they implement only the bare standard interface.
  16. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Then I am lucky, getting away with non-dongle apps. Cadsoft-Eagle,
    DesignCAD-3D, LTSpice (free...), some beam field SW, etc. None of them
    needs dongles. Some do require registration and then a clandestine
    distributor would have his tracks and all right there in the distributed
    copy. I've never done that and don't use any hacked SW, and appreciate
    that some vendors trust people.
  17. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    Those would be subroutines *within* the driver
    --but my point was that the drivers do *exist*.
    As you acknowledged, things have been improving in that regard.

    I won't argue that there is a differential
    between the kow-towing that Redmond gets
    and the levels of quality that everyone else has to endure.

    ....and it should be shouted out loud IT'S NOT *LINUX'S* FAULT;
    Patronize a hardware vendor WHO SUPPORTS YOU.
    (I'm more in favor of mandated unbundling every day.)

    The *smart* vendors have published specs
    and/or opened the source code of their drivers
    (especially noteworthy when those drivers are crappy)
    and have gotten free labor from the driver hacker community
    which can improve their quality and expand their potential market--
    If you surf with JavaScript disabled,
    insert &no_d2=1 into the Slashdot URL.
  18. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    But at the end of the day people want or need a brand name laptop, with
    a good warranty and from a company that is still going to be around in a
    few years. That reduces the selection quite drastically.
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