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Interesting Product

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by Glenn Martin, Apr 28, 2004.

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  1. Looks interesting, are they actually available, and any idea on

  2. Ecnerwal

    Ecnerwal Guest

    Skeptical and wary of sales-pitches am I...

    It's notable that they compare the thermal output to "single glazed flat
    plate", "unglazed plastic pool", and "vacuum tubes" - but not to a
    common double-glazed flat plate. Remember, concentrators only work on
    clear days, while flat plates can get some heat on cloudy days.
    Depending where you live (cloudiness-wise) that can make a significant

    The PV output component strikes me as low. The illustration appears to
    have PV showing on the face, which would mean that the PV is not
    concentrated - at which point there's really no benefit to combining the
    two. Many folks on the solar concentrator mailing list use fluid cooling
    of PV concentrators, but find practical difficulties with integrating it
    with water heating, since you need controls/systems to extract heat when
    you need it and dump it when you don't need it, so that the return fluid
    is still cool enough to keep the PV happy - and hot water is far more
    difficult to efficiently move from a location far from the dwelling [if
    the wall or roof is not a suitable location] than electricity is.

    They also base their output for comparison purposes on 5.5 sun hours per
    day, but if you download the brochure, their own map indicates how few
    areas (especially of Canada) that applies to...

    Still, nice to see some work on commercializing concentrators. I am
    hard-pressed to see where hundreds of thousands of research &
    development dollars went, on what looks like a pretty typical (albeit
    neat and clean, as befits a commercially produced product) parabolic
    trough concentrator...
  3. John W. Hall

    John W. Hall Guest

    I wondered about that also. I assume it is primarily intended to
    provide sufficient electrical energy to run the pumps & controls,
    without which it would be useless in a major power outage.

    I note also that a future version has four times the electrical
    energy, but it does not indicate how they do that.
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