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Interesting Discover: Too much heat in Skybuck's Dream PC while playing games. Fans spin hard.

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Skybuck Flying, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    I was just playing Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and I noticed my cooling
    fans and making quite some noise !

    Like BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... they are spinning at full speed.

    And when I rebuilded my PC I noticed lot's of heat inside the case coming
    from the chips and such.

    As soon as I removed the case, the heat came free and the fans started to
    spin more slowly so that's a clear sign the heat is not getting
    properly transported out of the system.

    The two harddisk fans might not even be required...

    Maybe on harddisk fan enough.

    Maybe I should replace one harddisk fan to the cpu section... near graphics
    maybe... or just maybe near cpu where it's most hot...

    However I am not sure if the fan should blow inwards or outwards...

    Anyway interesting discovery...

    Maybe I should go look for a better case with more airflow... or maybe first
    try to fan replacing..

    I'll try that first if possible ;)

    Also without the case door the case starts humming maybe if I remove other
    case door it will be more in balance.

    Yeah not sure what to do with airflow... in or out hmm...

    First gotta detach one harddisk fan since I need those screws ;)

    Unless I can find screws some where else..

    I specially ordered those screws... hmm I must have a few spare somewhere I
    think not sure though.

  2. Well,

    I checked... I ordered 4 seperate fans and 1 extra rear fan.

    However I can only mount 2 fans at the harddisks section.

    The other 2 fans can't be mounted because the screws just fall out the case
    plate which is ofcourse way too risk.

    For now I have removed the other plate as well to balance the pc a bit.

    I will have to find a way to attach more fans or I really need another case
    with much more bigger airflow to make sure the heat gets very good out of

    Because the fans should be spinning slowly... not really fast... <- bad sign
    during gaming ;)

    Oh well...

    Gaming with open case for now.

    Open cases are ofcourse very dangerous... one could accidently throw
    something in... and dust clouds could get into it as well... bad ;)

    Even fire danger ! :)

    And hairs and stuff... not good, not good at all..

    But I really wanna continue the game... and I really don't wanna spent my
    time searching for a new case... so I will game with open case for now and
    find better case in a few days.

  3. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest


    Please stop posting your garbage to where it is totally
    off-topic or expect to be on the receiving end of an abuse report to your ISP.

  4. SteveH

    SteveH Guest

    And here's the addy: mailto:

  5. Or maybe not... kinda makes the same sound.

    Or maybe with case closed, the fans spin a little harder oh well.

    The heat probably higher though with case closed ;)

    Also placed another book on top of the case to make it more heavy.. reduces
    any vibrations ;)

    Skybuck =D
  6. It's totally on topic.

    Electronics produce heat.

  7. * SteveH:
    Or alternatively mailto:

  8. His posts about his motherboard are perfectly on topic.

    This mindless netkkkcopping and encouragement of malicious
    complaints is why you *deserve* trolls spoiling your group.

    cc to
  9. He is perfectly on topic.

    Your troll feeding and plans to destroy other newsgroups such as AUK
    are not.

    Please stop posting your incitements to malicious complaints
    to where it is totally off-topic or expect to
    be on the receiving end of an abuse report to your ISP.
  10. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    So what's Skybuck doing besides posting things you don't want to read?

    #1 Offishul Ruiner of Usenet, March 2007
    #1 Usenet Asshole, March 2007
    #1 Bartlo Pset, March 13-24 2007
    #10 Most hated Usenetizen of all time
    #8 AUK Hate Machine Cog
    Pierre Salinger Memorial Hook, Line & Sinker, June 2004
  11. mpm

    mpm Guest

    With any luck he'll discover sex and leave us all alone....

    Obviously he gets something out of this jibberish or he wouldn't do
    It's sad really that a person has to resort to typing for
    interpersonal relationships.

    As for being on-topic:
    Electronics may produce heat, but his brain does not. (Brain-dead)
  12. * Meat Plow:
    You mean except violating the chartas of most UseNet groups by posting
    off-topic unrelated stuff? Ever thought that there is a reason why every
    newsgroup covers only certain topics? Probably not.

  13. Quit talking rubbish.

    He is posting of his adventures with his broken computer in computer
    and electronics groups control freak.

    he is talking about his efforts to fault find his computer in
    perfectly appropriate groups.

    The only person who needs reporting is YOU!

    Ever thought of kill filing folks you don't want to read?
  14. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    It is not on topic for a design group.

    Your posts are at best relevant to *basics*.

    Also, is for ppl to exchange sensible design related
    ideas, not some forum for idiots to display their total ignorance of a subject.

  15. Linux Geek

    Linux Geek Guest

    **** off.


    Linux Geek

    Saying that XP is the most stable MS OS is like saying that
    asparagus is the most articulate vegetable. (Dave Barry)
  16. SumGuy

    SumGuy Guest

    Let's see, what constitutes "perfectly appropriate groups"??

    - Skybuck has been cross-posting inappropriately for years. Before
    accusing someone labeling someone's thoughts as rubbish, you might want
    to do a little research on Skybuck.
    - alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia is not the appropriate group to
    post your trials and tribulations with your bios, motherboard, hard
    drive fans, etc.
    - Blogging your personal video game reviews to groups chartered for
    hardware is also considered poor etiquette.
  17. It's no rubbish.

    That stinkin' lill buthole called skybuck is crossposting and being very
    abusive in some of his reactions.

    mobo questions should not go to *.nvidia
    gfx card questions should not go to *.pc-homebuilt
    english questions should not go to *.nl groups
    dutch questions should not go to non *.nl groups



    How about after you clean up the **** juice all over it ?

    should not go to any of these groups.
    His 'adventures' should go to a alt.scifi-and-fantasy group.
    No he is not.
    He's just playing with all of us.
    Genius actually.
    Don't agree.
    Wish Outlook Express had a proper killfile.

    Sorry dude,
  18. And your plans to destroy AUK are?
    Which is more than some of yours are.

    So how come you and prongboi are in it?
  19. Dear Mainly Harmless

    Please consider writting a blog, as in or equivalent.

    Your talents are clearly too great for the Newsgroups that you are
    posting to.

    The advantage of having a blog is that you can set the typeface to
    "Coloured Crayon" to enhance Visitor Experience, which is not
    available in ASCII based newsgroups.

    In Blogs you can also post pictures of cats being washed, your
    herbarium, and associated lighting control software wot you have wrote
    in fortran, and pictures of the posters of the 60's rockstars on your

    The advantage of having a blog is that you can get "Points" on the
    popularity of your site, but I'm afraid that in your case, it would
    probably be somewhat negative.

    For you I would suggest Digg

    May I also suggest that you create the ultimate working, repeatable
    Rube Goldberg machine using only recycled PC bios sorftware with the
    appropriately badly edited, badly focused video, with associated
    grunting sound track of "Hey Dude, Man, Impressive,Oh Shit" for the
    You toobe establishment

  20. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    kidding me? You think a charter is anything but a guideline for posting
    and that somehow is enforceable? Do you know how many different charters
    there are? I would take an educated guess and say it's greater than 80 or
    so thousand. Abuse departments hardly ever respond to tangible complaints
    like spamming, forgery etc.. let alone off topic posts you Fool. Figure
    out how to use your newsreader kill filter or use a wet kill filter (your
    brain) and just ignore what you don't want to read.
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