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intercom using home telephone circuit

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by interuser, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. interuser

    interuser Guest

    Hi ,
    I have a 2 floor home and I would like and make an intercom using the
    existing telephone circuit. Since every room has a telephone the
    problem is making the telephones ringing. How would I do that?
  2. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    Buy a small PABX on Ebay. You'll probably need to rewire the house as I'll
    bet the current wiring is a single pair being paralleled throughout the
    house. Almost any method you use for an intercom will require separate a
    pair for each room.

  3. Dmitri

    Dmitri Guest

    interuser wrote:

    DFE Communications Corp. make a device they call "single line
    phone-to-phone intercom system" called TNT-8000. They do not have a Web
    page, believe you or not, so you'll have to call them at 800-822-4TNT to
    find out more. Basically, this device makes it possible to share a single
    line that is expected to be paralleled between all the phones in the
    house, the traditional way phone wiring has been done residentially.
    If you ask me though, I'd say that the best way would be to get a hold of
    an inexpensive KSU or PBX phone system like another poster suggested here.
    You will have to re-wire the house so every phone has a separate cable
    coming to the phone switch location, but in the long run I think it is
    well worth it.

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  4. LeucoB

    LeucoB Guest

    There's usually a number the telco techs call to get a callback on the
    same line you're calling from.
    It used to be your own number, dial it, then after 1 blip, hang up and
    then the phone rings back. ( Telus has downgraded their system , so
    that doesn't work here in BC anymore :-( )
    Might try to get in touch with your local telco tech & get the
    callback number from him ( $0.00 intercom) ;-)
  5. LeucoB

    LeucoB Guest

    Sorry, I also should have said that with this callback method, that
    when the phone rings back, keep waiting on your phone until the
    ringing stops (means someone in the house has picked up another
    extension) then pick up your phone again.
    I dunno how clear that is..but it used to work for me.
  6. JR North

    JR North Guest

    Radio Shack used to sell an intercom system that used the AC wiring for
    TX/RX. Worked well. Some other maker may make one. Much easier than
    rewiring the phones.
  7. NSM

    NSM Guest

    Buy a set of FM intercoms - much cheaper and easier.
  8. Buy one of the newer multi-handset cordless phone systems. I know the
    Panasonics let you call from the base or any handset to any other
    handset. The sell some models with three to five handset capability,
    but most come with only two handsets and you must buy the additional
    units seperately.
    I use this in my home as a one-line telephone, and three-station
    intercom ( base plus two handsets )
  9. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    They also sell (sold) one which uses the phone line to carry the RF from one
    station to another...a little more reliable than the ones which inject RF
    into the power line. Those get stymied by being plugged into outlets which
    are on another phase of the AC network in ones house.

    I've actually converted some of the power line ones to work on the phone
    line...pretty easy to do. I find them all the time at thrift shops for next
    to nothing. They always seem to work fine.

  10. keith

    keith Guest

    Years ago one would simply dial 4191 or 1191, hang up, and woit for the
    phones to ring. My bet is thet there is still such a "test" facility out
  11. Dave

    Dave Guest

    In my house I used the 2 spare wires in the phone cable and added a
    cheap buzzer by the phones. Connected at the calling phone was a
    battery with a button that when activated sounded the buzzers at all of
    the phones. The battery/button can be placed near as many phones as
    desired as long as the polarity is maintained.
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