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interboard connectors

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Stretto, May 17, 2011.

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  1. Stretto

    Stretto Guest

    I have to connect two pcb's using some type of connection. Either direct
    wire to wire by soldering using through hole or some type of other
    connector. The type of connectors I'm thinking of using are found on
    computer mothers a lot. Either those use connectors(just the pin headers) or
    those that actually have some type of housing(you find them on floppy
    drive's, cd-drives)) but more typically on more minature circuit
    boards(inside cell phones, hard drives, etc...). Specs are audio, 10-15V, <
    1A current(will use it to transfer some power at times), small number of
    pins(typically 4 but max 10). Should be cheap(they will not be used much).

    Anyone know where I can find some and the names?

    I've searched mouser but cannot find what I see on the mother boards.|0

    I'm thinking more of a flimsy housing than the stronger ones found on on
    most pc peripherals(but any will do if cheap).
  2. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    The power pins on motherboards are often Mini-Fit Jr (TM) from Molex
    although that's probably more current carrying capacity than you'll

    As Leon noted, lots of single-inline connectors are Molex KK or
    equivalent, and their C-Grid family for the double rows with the same
    0.1" / 2.54mm pitch.

    For smaller footprints, I like the JST PH-series 2mm connector family or
    2.5mm XH. The PH is the one
    often found in consumer electronics. They're relatively inexpensive.

    Lots of choices out there ...
  3. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    If it's a one-off, use thru-holes and color-coded, stranded wire.

    If it's for a production, then I go with the ribbon cable/headers idea
    that somebody else mentioned. I don't know if Molex does those; to
    me, Molex brings to mind big honkin' (relative to IDC) plastic power

  4. Stretto

    Stretto Guest

    "mpm" wrote in message

    If the boards will stack, and alignment issues allow, you may also
    have the option to use pins on one board, and a matching receptacle on
    the other.
    If so, I can send you some part numbers.

    Without doing the math, it seems to me that the audio connectors I see
    on computer CD drives, etc.. have pretty small gauge wires.
    Do you think that will handle 1A @ 15V? Or was that reference just
    to give an idea of the type of connector you wanted?
    Is crosstalk an issue? Noise pickup? How long a run? Twisted or
    shielded pairs required? Etc...

    I've seen a few from molex. I'm not exactly sure the layout I will choice
    but I thought about some type of direct(no wire) board to board connectors
    for stacking them. I think I'm going to have to virtually model the case to
    see how well stacking the boards will actually work. Molex does have a large
    number of variations(I do like the copper flex cables) so I'm sure there is
    something I can use. Right now I'm just going to finish the circuit using
    standard header pins if I have to I'll prototype with them and decide later
    exactly what I will use.

    The idea is basically to modularize a circuit which simply means splitting
    the pcb up. To move the signals around I have to obviously connect them
    somehow. In any case I think I have a bit more work to do so I can make a
    better educated decision.
  5. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    The volts depend on the insulation, of course, but for ampacity, if wiki
    can be trusted, wires as small as #28 can carry 1.4A, in open air:

    Hope This Helps!
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