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Intelligent wheelchair

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Sep 23, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    Dear friends...
    This is Mahesh Kedari.
    I am struggelling to design and implement the Intelligent wheelchair
    for handicaps. This wheelchair is to be designed considering the
    uncomfortable mobility of physically challenged people. many a times it
    is not possible for them to drive the wheelchair to the desired
    location using handling tools. Hence i am trying to introduce an
    ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in this system. This wheelchair will have a
    learning ability so that to adopt the new location. User all need to do
    is just to show the path once to this wheel chair. And tell machine,
    the name of this new location. Now when this person wishes to go back
    to this location, he just need to give a voice command to this
    wheelchair. And it'll take him to that location tackling the obstacles
    in its path. For obstacle tackling, I am using ultrasonic and infrared
    sensors. Ultrasonic for obstacle 100 to 150 cm away, and infrared for
    small obstacles nearby such as toys n specially for doorjams. I am
    trying to use pentium processor for its programming. And a DSP
    processor ( not decided exactly which one ) for voice command
    identification. This is the overview of my implementation.

    I request all INTELLIGENT MINDS to contribute your views, suggestions,
    tips, implementation guidlines, doubts with me on this news group.

    Thanking you.
  2. John

    John Guest

    Does the speech recognition require training for a specific user's

    Do commands require verification (repeat command or add "execute" to

    How good is the noise rejection (audible noise and electrical/magnetic
    fields from appliances)?

    When does a discontinuity in the floor become an obstacle to avoid?

    10mm (low threshold) 25mm (high threshold, transition from vinyl
    floor to tile floor, typical water retention threshold in a public

    What is the chair's terrain capability?

    smooth floor (vinyl, troweled concrete, hardwood)
    textured (screeded concrete, tile, brick, mosaic)
    carpet (tight weave, indoor/outdoor, pile, shag)

    concrete (sidewalk, driveway, roadway [for crossing streets])
    macadam (as above)
    hard packed dirt (nature trail)

    Can the chair find its way back to the recharging station?

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