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Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by John & / or Maryln, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. My Friends,
    What do you think of this idea? I live in an old frame
    house with no insulation . My understanding is that insulating the floor of
    the attic is the most important because the heat will try to rise and
    escape. So if I were to insulate between the floor joists of the cieling on
    the ground floor would this be a good way to slow down the heat so that I
    could toasty downstairs and upstairs where the bedrooms are would be heated
    by the heat which escaped from downstairs.


  2. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Your bedrooms wil be cold then !

    You really need to insulate the roof.

  3. It would keep the main floor warmer than the upstairs, and if you use
    the right insulation will also sreduce noise transmission between
    floors. Best is RockWool (Roxul is a major brand)
  4. Gym Bob

    Gym Bob Guest

    Rockwool has been deemed health problematic.

  5. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    That's not really true.

    It will act as a heat sink for sure but helps maintain a regular temperature.

  6. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Since when ?

  7. Sorobon

    Sorobon Guest

    I would do the roof too, those will be cold bedrooms and then if you have to
    "allow" some heat upstairs it will be less efficient, because the heat will
    be lost through the un-insulated roof.
  8. Not the new stuff. Look at the Roxul site.
    No worse than fibreglass, and it will not support mold or mildew
  9. daestrom

    daestrom Guest

    Just an 'oh by the way', in older houses that don't have insulation, they
    probably have a lot of air leaks as well. You may be losing up to half of
    your total heating bill through air leakage. I know it sounds like a broken
    record, but weatherstripping and chaulking can be a cheap but important part
    of energy saving.

  10. The most effective application of insulation, for both heating and
    cooling, HANDS DOWN is insulating the attic. If you don't insulate
    anything else, INSULATE THE ATTIC. This is because heat rizes (for
    heating) and the sun on the roof (the place the sun hits most
    directly, for the most hours) radiates heat into the house (for
    A double brick house with no wall insulation is warmer with attic
    insulation than the same house with the wall cavities filled and no
    attic insulation.

    I have a roughly 25X30 foot 2 story brick veneer (main floor) and
    aluminum siding(upper floor) houe, 30 years old, in the southern
    Ontario snow belt that heats, with gas,(medium efficiency - no better
    than with the old standard 30 year old unit) for $750 - $780 per year.
    It is 2X4 stud construction, with fiberglass batt insulation that was
    NOT the best installation job - but I added about 12 inches of loose
    fibreglass on top of the original 6" batts in the attic. Paid for
    itself in the first 2 years in heat savings.

    Other than that, you want GOOD tight windows, and a good caulking job
    to keep the wind out.
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