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insulation; UFFI

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Steve & Chris Clark, Aug 26, 2003.

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  1. OK everyone!
    I haven't looked into UFFI in more than 20 years now.....friends of ours are
    looking at a house that used UFFI as the insulation in 1978........anyone
    have any uptodate statistics/info/web sources that they would be willing to
    What does everyone think nowadays? Buy or beware?
    thanks very much everyone in advance
  2. Brick house? Nice and dry?
  3. Brick house? Nice and dry?
    Go for it.
    Frame house and or damp? Stay away.
    UFFI was approoved for dry brick buildings, and installed in anything.
    Problems in the questionable installs gave it a bad name.

    Another situation where our government got involved without checking
    its facts properly.
  4. Properly installed i n dry cavities it did not outgass excessively or
    break down. It should never have been installed in frame buildings -
    was great in brick.
  5. I thought your earlier post "Brick house? Nice and dry?"
    was going to point out an oxymoron. (Relative to the cavity
    behind the outer brick wythe.)

    The operative words are likely "Nice and dry," regardless of
    the exterior finish, unless you are quoting a truism in
    favor of "dry" and against "damp."

    You certainly are correct, per the government's
    all-too-recent "recall" of its long standing ban on UFFI.
    (Without so much as an "oops.") The stuff does turn to
    dust. But it requires external force or vibration to cause
    disintergration. Reasonably well applied (rather rare with
    the all-too-common gypsy installers), the stuff held
    together until you disturbed its environment.

  6. bsfdl

    bsfdl Guest

    Another situation where our government got involved without checking
    Please explain?
  7. Ray

    Ray Guest

    I didn't know that..
    I cancelled the post.
    But see no good reason to apologize to you.
  8. Ray

    Ray Guest

    No it would not.. The "Man" below includes WoMan.
    Although the "Journey" was through the Y chromosome..
    Why would I ask if you'd done it adequately?
    I still don't know.
    And that's enough for you to dis the government of the whole USofA?
    Clarence doesn't make you any dumber...
  9. Ray

    Ray Guest


    1. The message AND your replies are cross posted to:,,

    So far.. the audience.
    Includes JD#1,2,3, and Matt, some other blowhards.

    Which audience are you referring to?
    The ones (under pseudonyms) posting nonsense questions?
    Or the ones responding in excrutiating opnionated detail?
  10. You appear to be thicker than a 12 foot plank, so I'll stop banging my
    head against the wall.
    I was dis ing the Canadian Government who was just as stupid as yours,
    for once.
    Or you any smarter.
  11. If you consider our government so stupid, maybe you would prefer the country
    on the southern border of Canada to be, say, Somalia? or maybe Columbia? How
    about Uzbekistan? or China, or on and on we could go.

  12. Ray

    Ray Guest

    Damn you John..
    He, she, it is going to keep on trying..
  13. Not necessarily so.
    After 10 years even the worst install has virtually stopped
    This UFFI thing is a red herring.
  14. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    indeed, it's not like its asbestos or anything.
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