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Installers: Be careful what you throw away!

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Interested, Oct 6, 2003.

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  1. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    This is true... Even though I've never heard of it happening, you should be
    aware that things like that are not beyond the realm of possibility.
    Investigate them thoroughly.

    Check their credentials. Deal with an online merchant that also runs a
    brick and mortar alarm company. Make sure they're licensed, bonded and
    insured. That sort of information should be readily available on their
    website (if it's not, *ASK*!!). On line businesses are largely unregulated.
    Always ensure you pay for products with a Visa or Master Card. That way you
    have some security against the merchants possible non-performance.

    There are a lot of pro's that participate here and provide advice/answers
    without trying to take your money or ask for personal information.
    Whether-or-not you decide to go with it is up to you.
  2. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    An individual's education level shouldn't be measured by his ability to
    spell, read or write. There are lot's of people with "dislexia" out there
    as well as other learning impairments (both physical and cognitive).

    Some can spell but they "just don't type well"... :)
  3. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Yup... but he did it at 2:00 am in the morning... Hello!!! Damn... no
    one's home...
    (Robert Bass)
    Did I say "alarm installer"??
    Duhhh... Robert... most fire alarm panels back in 1984 didn't have "unlock
    codes" or were even programmable... Could this have something to do with
    the fact that you actually didn't have any experience with alarm systems
    until after you got licensed in CT in 1988??


    You've "seen" a lot of alarm companies haven't you, Robert... and the
    "insides" of a lot of dumpsters too, I'll bet...


    Nahhh... I'd send them all to you... I understand you have a lot of time
    on your hands and are good at puzzles...

    I wasn't an "alarm installer" back then... Hello!!! Damn... still not

    Did I say it was "recessed"?? Where??

    Looks like I'll need to come up with some really juicy ones... After all...
    you're obviously "starved" for entertainment...

    Wasn't my trash... Hello!!! Oh... never mind...

    They are... Since I got electrocuted I've had these weird psyonic powers...
    I can move items around the room without touching them myself... I can
    reach through the ether and time and space and see... Robert... sitting at
    his keyboard mumbling to himself... "Gotta get Frank... Gotta get
    Frank"... Get over it Robert... I don't swing that way... Bubba misses


    Oh.... You wanted *those* kinds of stories... I'll see what I can do...
  4. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest


    Oh c'mon... Do you honestly believe that a fine upstanding citizen like
    Arnold S. could possibly even consider groping some woman in a gym?? Or
    lifting the blouse of another in public... in full view of dozens of
    people... without some guy from the "National Enquirer" snapping a few
    pics?? Watch the news-stands in the next couple of days... LOL!!!
  5. And some just can't spell dyslexia

  6. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    Are you bonded and licensed?
    n. Law pl. fel·o·nies
    1.. One of several grave crimes, such as murder, rape, or burglary,
    punishable by a more stringent sentence than that given for a misdemeanor.
    2.. Any of several crimes in early English law that were punishable by
    forfeiture of land or goods and by possible loss of life or a bodily part.
  7. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Therefore you haven't been "in the trade" as long as you say... *Gotcha*!!!

    Actually the fire alarm service industry is pretty competitive... In BC and
    Alberta (the Provinces I work in) you have to inspect a fire alarm system
    annually (to ULC CAN4-S536). Seeing as how you know *nothing* about this
    I'll tell you what kind of information he was searching for... Device
    counts that matched up with a building address, copies of invoices or
    quotations for the inspections (so he could go in next year at a lower
    price), names of contact people with Property Management firms, quotations
    on new fire alarm and halon (1301 was still a big seller in 1984)
    installations... Panel manuals and schematics... He wasn't looking at
    "taking over" an alarm system... he was looking at "scooping" the whole
    damn building...

    Nuthin' much... little old lady at a mall I was working in ran into the man
    lift I was on this afternoon with her electric scooter... Not only that...
    first she said the motor control was "stuck", then she had the nerve to get
    mad at me for being in her way... There were traffic cones and yellow
    "Caution" tape all over the place, but she just "breezed on through"
    anyway... Scared the "willies" out of me... Ah well... another day...
    another $14000.00... (that's about $18.00 US)... :)
  8. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Bingo!!! That's what this is all about... You'd just love to see me leave
    wouldn't you?? You view me as one of your more credible detractors because
    I refrain from attacking your wife, kids, cat, dog, and tropical fish...
    I've also proven you're a liar and a fraud and done so without resorting to
    name calling or derogatory remarks... *You* have provided more than
    sufficient material yourself to prove my point... Ahhh, Robert, "What a
    tangled web we weave when we but practice to deceive."

    Hello??? Mr. Bass... I'm really sorry, but this time you're the one that
    started this latest "round"... I'd suggest you sorta calm down... sip a
    few brewskies... take a nice dip in your pool...

    OK... so... the 737 "story"... you dragged that up, I didn't... I
    haven't mention the ladder (which I now *know* you hexed) for months... you
    dragged that up... You'd be happy if I just "shut up" and lurk... Is that
    what you're saying??? If I did that, Unca Robbie, would you *really* leave
    me alone??? Huh??? Huh???

    By the way... You *contend* that it's impossible to perform a roll in a 737
    when in fact it's much more manoeverable that a 707 (for which a kind soul
    was able to post an actual link that demonstrated you can roll this aircraft
    successfully). You *contend* that it would be impossible for me to be
    electrocuted while standing on an aluminum ladder... you weren't there...
    How could you *know* the circumstances surrounding that? Another thing...
    You don't know me either. I've never posted to a USENET group before this
    one. Yet you call me an inveterate liar... You have a verifiable history
    of telling lies and disrupting newsgroups. I don't (except for your own
    rather twisted imaginings)... There's a *huge* difference between us,
    Robert... You can't prove I lied about anything and that irks you more than
    you can say so you'll continue attacking me with "innuendo". "Fill your
    boots", bud... I could care less...

    I'll save you a whole lot of heartache, Robert... I haven't lied in this
    newsgroup or in any other...
    I've got no problem remembering what I said... you do however...

    Hmmm... Seems to me that's what you want... to be "in charge"? C'mon,
    Robbie... You'd like nothing better than for all of us to just shut up and
    let you have free "reign" in the newsgroup... Your own personal message
    board... FAT CHANCE!!!...

    There are lots of professionals that participate here that answer questions
    (help DIYer's and newbies) without pushing a self-seeking agenda... It's
    called "ethics" Robert, but you can't even begin to comprehend can you???

    I've pointed out where you've blatantly lied (and posted proof)... all
    you've managed to do is make feeble attempts to discredit or besmirch the
    character of a participant in this newsgroup that won't support your
    self-serving claptrap...

    Engage "ze Herr Dr. Basz zyco-analist" mode:
    Describing yourself, are we??

    Ohhh... another "flame"...

    Prove it... post the independant link that says so!!...
    I didn't "do" anything... I was a passenger, remember??
    Check... when the servo failed... You missed the fact that you can't apply
    "full rudder" in flight, Robert (O great aviation "expert")... there are
    controls that prevent that. At lower speeds the deflection angle you can
    obtain is increased. I guess that means you're a liar too!! Damn!!
    Nope... The "rudder servo" functioned perfectly...

    Yeah... you keep bringing this up because you have nothing else (and
    absolutely no proof)... You can't even find out where I work...

    Little longer, actually... do the math... Oh... I'm still here... :)

    Duhhh... really??? So... because I failed to "mention" that, I've
    suddenly lost all credibility... Bwahahahahahahahahah!!! Go on, Mr.
    "negative" lift... "angle of attack of the wind"...
    I don't even think you know what a "Citabria" is, Robert... You sure as
    heck don't know what a Cessna 152 is!!

    I know it for a fact, Robbie... You said so in our telephone
    conversation... remember???

    Correction... they make the effort... they "privelege" us with the fact
    that they don't try to "prostitute" themselves while they're helping
    people... It's called "following the FAQ", Robert... something which *you*
    will never do... You don't have the guts or the moral fortitude...

    I'll give you a clue... The "price" of admission to *your* sandbox is my
    silence... and the silence of everyone else that opposes your attempt to
    usurp the newsgroup for your own selfish interests...

    Oh??? Which one?? Please tell us oh great Guru of Twisted Facts...

    Suit yourself... I'm actually a pretty "gay" fellow... :)

    You wouldn't know...
  9. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    You're shooting blanks there Robbie... You've got nothing on me so you
    resort to your trademark attempts at character assassination... All you've
    managed to do is put *both* your feet are in your mouth... *again*...
  10. It's spelled "dyslexia".
  11. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    No-one has to "try" with you, Robert... Your record in USENET is readily
    accessible... Including your "signature" method of "character assassination
    by innuendo"... As soon as someone stands up against the way you've tried
    to usurp this group (and others), you switch to attack mode and that person
    is singled out for the Robert L. Bass "special treatment"... This includes
    posting outright lies about them, contacting their employers, and much, much

    Take a few minutes to read over the group's FAQ again... I figure you owe a
    whole pile of people apologies. Start with Graham...
  12. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest


    You were fine until you got that that last part
  13. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Yeah... well... "what the flock"... :)
  14. Nothing gets by you.
  15. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Didn't "recommend" anyone... Just "listed" alarm companies.
    Hmmmm... How would you know?? Did you ever formally request to get
    How would you know?? Did you ask??
    You mean those that were operating in States/Provinces that didn't have any
    licensing criteria...
    Really?? Which one??

    You don't read very well... But that's to be expected from someone that's
    obviously dyslexic...

    Ahem... Have you tried getting a bond, Robert?? My bonding company
    wouldn't touch you with an 18' Grabbit...

    Did I "refuse to ask"?? Really?? Do you know this for a fact??
    Bwahahahahahaha... "Those of us who do"... You aren't installing
    professionally any longer, Robert... In fact, you haven't been for six
    years or so... You "demand" personal information every time you ask a
    client to provide a credit card number, home address, contact information...
    When he completes a monitoring agreement, you're also asking him to provide
    the names of eveyone living in the house as well as neighbors and relatives
    who might be responding to the alarm. When you download their panel, you
    know their access codes. And finally, when they ask to send their
    insurer's a letter indicating the alarm is monitored, you now know way more
    than they would ever know about you. I'll bet you tell people that when the
    Police say that you're "known to them", it means that they "know you run a
    store that sells security alarm parts online"... :)

    As an home *owner* (and alarm purchaser), make darned sure you know whom
    you're dealing with before you provide any individual with personal
    information. It's why I suggest anyone contemplating purchasing security
    products online consider dealing with a merchant that has a brick and mortar
    alarm *company*. Check them out with their local Better Business Bureau,
    their State's Alarm Association. If the alarm company also has a web site,
    check to see that they're properly licensed (in their State), bonded and
  16. Mike Simpson

    Mike Simpson Guest might want to check Bob LaLonde's site..........????

  17. Mike Simpson

    Mike Simpson Guest

    And these guys seem to have vanished as well......

    They're dropping like flies!! ;-(

  18. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Put some clothes on Robert... most kids stop
    "exposing" themselves a whole lot younger than you...

    You couldn't tell the truth if you were reading it from a script. And
    nahh... you don't "hit harder", you just "fight dirtier" (and shoot a whole
    pile of "blanks")...

    The inane mouthings and scribblings of a troll like you aren't taken
    seriously... You're simply "RFI" in this group... You just refuse to see

    Heh, heh, heh... I've already apologized for a post that was way out of
    line and had tempered my responses considerably. You decided to light
    another fire. Next time, stand back further so you won't get "scorched". I
    have no compunction exposing you to be the "Freddie Kruger" of USENET (and
    this group) every time you try something like this. It's been "up to you"
    for years, Robert. Wake up and smell the coffee... Quit shifting the blame
    to someone else and take responsibility for your own actions.
  19. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    At least Bob's still around!!! :)

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