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install transfer switch

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Chuck / KE4ETH, Jun 28, 2003.

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  1. I have a question or more and I am not sure of what the NEC has to say, or
    if it even safe.

    I live in a trailer and there is a 200-Amp disconnect on the pole outside In
    the box is a 240 breaker for the A/C unit and a 240 breaker to the shed. In
    the shed is our freezer (which can be run intermittently) and power to our

    Can I extend the wires to the shed through the flex conduit between the
    disconnect and the power panel in the trailer. Then I can run them to the
    transfer switch sub-panel and have power to both the freezer and the pump
    (not both running at same time, just when I need to). If so, it will be
    easiest to do as the panel in the trailer is on an inside wall 6 feet from
    the outside. I would have to put a hole in the wall below the panel to
    connect in the wiring.

    I hope this isn't to muddled as I'm not sure if I described it very well.

    Any suggestions on running the gen connect from the outside to the inside.


  2. albown

    albown Guest

    Transfer switches can be located any where you want. Something convenient
    between the service and the generator would be what I would do. You should
    really talk to the local utility BEFORE the installation. Utilities get
    mighty picky when transfer switches are added. The danger of someone doing
    in wrong and reenergizing the line is a real issue.

    IF I understand your situation I would think about putting the transfer
    switch on the pole with the service. Then you could use the existing wiring
    to the devices you want to feed.
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