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Inspired by the solar-hydrogen-home thread.....

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by Andy Baker, Oct 18, 2004.

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  1. Andy Baker

    Andy Baker Guest

    OK here's a whacky idea I conceived while driving home from the grocery
    store last night.... Maybe somebody's already thought of this, who knows.

    OK so here it is. It's based around some type of little photosynthetic
    critter / algae / bacterium etc.. Now the idea is to use the byproducts of
    said creature to generate power.

    Remember, photosynthetic critters!

    1. The critter excretes hydrogen and directly feeds a fuel cell
    2. The critter excretes methane or other more complex molecule from which H2
    is extracted (most do-able in my opinion)
    3. A fuel cell is developed that can utilize the chemicals directly
    dissolved in the critter's tanks - H2, methane, hell, maybe even something
    that can process the glucose electrochemically right out of the
    chloroplasts - WAY out there and crazy.
    4. Find a critter that can basically live in the "electrolyte" of a
    "battery" and re-charge it with it's waste or other excretions.

    Now this is just an idea, and I know a lot of these, especially the gas
    producing ones are probably dangerous in the respect that little creatures
    require oxygen. And a nice mixture of oxygen and H2 or methane can be
    explosive, the glucose idea is probably chemically impossible, and any
    decent electrolyte fluid will be way too much for any living thing to

    BUT!! There are MANY people that know a lot more about this than I...

    Let the opinions flow!

  2. ....

    How about this...
    Grow blue-green algae (photosynthetic critters) in a large pond filled
    with the kinds of stuff they like to eat (a little fertilizer, some
    sewage, that kind of stuff). Every now and then scoop out buckets of
    them, dry them in the sun, press out the oil (use in diesel generator)
    and press what remains into pellets that you load in your pellet stove
    or furnace.

  3. Andy Baker

    Andy Baker Guest

    Eh... kinda not the direction I was thinking. I was going more with the
    bio-chemical rather than the bio-mass. Plus, hybrid poplar trees are a lot
    better at making lots of cellulose fast.

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