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Insignia NS-PDP42 Repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by amdx, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. amdx

    amdx Guest

    Hi all,
    I picked up an Insignia NS-PSDP42 TV.
    Symptom: Push power switch, relay clicks, then 3 seconds later it unclicks.
    I seem to be missing voltages out of the power supply PCB, from what
    little info I have gleaned off the net so far.
    I don't want to buy a new power supply PCB, I'd rather replace
    defective components.
    Does anyone have a schematic or experience with this problem.
    I see a common problem are 4 bad caps, but mine look and test good.
    Darn it!

    Thanks, Mikek
  2. amdx

    amdx Guest

    I see that a common repair is replacement of 5 caps in the PS.
    It also seems that the defective caps are easy to spot because they
    are bulging out the top. Mine aren't bulging. I'll do a better test of
    the caps tomorrow.
    There's a kit.

    As I said "I picked it up" literally, I picked it up at the curb, one
    of my neighbors threw it out. If I can get it working I'll give to my
    son, he starts college on July 2nd. He'd like a 42" tv. :)
  3. amdx

    amdx Guest

    If I have to junk this one, I'll get plenty of parts from it first.
    Probably just remove the pcb's and hold them for parts.
  4. amdx

    amdx Guest

    We do, and there was enough context to make it understandable.
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