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Insignia 37" LCD TV (NS-L37Q-10A)

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Repair' started by Copenhagen, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. Copenhagen


    Apr 18, 2012
    Okay, first I'd like to say that I have not tore into this thing yet.
    I have knowledge of most computer main board repairs/power supply's, Cell Phones, some small TV's...mainly simple stuff on TV's like speakers, bad caps, replacing transistors, etc etc. You know snowman with his hat blown off, or shoe lace untied type

    Having said that...I'll continue.

    I have this 37" LCD TV (Insignia Product) That I bought in 2010. The warranty ran out 20 FEB 2012 so, I'm stuck with a huge paper weight if I can't fix it myself I guess. Or, I'm buying a new one.

    Here are the symptoms:

    1.) I noticed about 6/8 months ago that is was having problems turning on. The issue was that it would turn on (I.E. the led would go from the Stand-By color RED, to Blue indicating it was supposed to be ON). However it was not on. So I simply turned it off, then waited about 30 secs and turned it back on, and it came on fine. None the less a definite hmm...?

    2.) Then about 3/4 months I noticed it had some lines, at the top. Best way I know how to describe them is semi-translucent with a rather "Grey" hue, and a few thin black lines mixed in. The whole pattern of the lines was at the top of the screen about an inch down, and the entire width of the lines was probably about 4-5 inches. Again I would turn it off, and wait about 5 minutes, then back on, and it would go away.

    3.) I finally turned it off altogether about a month ago, and have not really turned in on, in about a month or so. ( I have been watching Movies on my PC, and a small 21" I have in the bedroom hooked up to the PC). But I went back in the living room to turn it on and watch it earlier this week. And, this was the deal:
    a.) It would turn on, in that I could get sound just fine, and the grey "Please Wait..." box was still showing. Although pretty much the whole screen was black, with the exception of a small 1/4"-1/2" "Line all the way across the top portion the screen showing the picture.
    b.) So, I was a little distraught to say the least. I just left it on. After about 5 mins the screen started fading from the solid black to a more greyish hue, and the "Please Wait..." box faded almost all the way away, and could only barely been seen as a faint grey hue, that matched the rest of the screen. Also, these vertical lines, 3 of them on the right side, about an inch wide each, and an inch apart from each other started to emerge about 4 inches from the right of the screen, and they got to almost a white Hue.
    c.) After about an hour, the picture started showing in "Frames", like 1 FPS, or less than 1 FPS. After about 2 hours, the picture had pretty much come back with the line pattern I spoke of earlier at the top of the screen.
    d.) About 6 hours later...picture shows fine. It's like it had to "Warm-Up" or something.

    It's been showing fine for the past 3 or 4 days. Frankly I'm scared to turn it off again.

    TV, is kept in a well ventilated area, I don't think it could have over heated, but maybe so, I have noticed in the past 2 years of having this TV that it does put off a lot of heat.
    I can't recall a time when it may have come in contact with any type of liquid, such as water, tea, coffee, which is the case with a lot of people computers when they bring them to

    I know I've been sort of winded here, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible.

    I just would like to get some ideas as to how complicated this might be to fix, and at what cost. Before I go tearing into it and start testing stuff.
    I've never worked on an LCD TV before, only a few older CRT TV's, and a few pocket TV's.

    Basically, if this is something I might be able to fix for 50 bucks, okay, but any more than that I'll just go buy a new one. As you can get a new one for 300-400 anyway.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2012
  2. GreenGiant


    Feb 9, 2012
    sounds to me like the video controller is fried, or dying

    the fact that it gets sound and tries to show video is a pretty good indicator that it is having a hard time understanding the signal

    You may be able to fix it for less than 50, but being that it is an insignia... and that it is 2 years plus old... id say just get a new tv.

    Yes you may spend a bit more but the savings in energy will make up for that in a year or so
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